The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #11 – Timarie Bashor – Pole Dance Fitness



Timarie Bashor - Pole Dance Fitness

Pole Dance Fitness is foxy!

Timarie Bashor was looking for a way to ease muscle pain in herself as well as others. In her research, she discovered the practice of muscle activation, and this led to a certification, and this led to her discovery of pole dance fitness. I discuss all of this with Timarie and why muscle activation and pole fitness is key for feeling into your foxiness.

You can get more information about Timarie, Pole Fitness, and Muscle Activation Technique here:

The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #09 Mary Rust – Heart Centered Self


Mary Rust - Heart Centered Self

Embracing your Heart Centered Self

Former fitness champion, Mary Rust, has an amazing story to tell about surviving cancer, living life, and making a transformation internally to embrace her foxiness. She discusses what it means to have a Heart Centered Self on this episode of The Get Foxy Show.

The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #07 Coach Andi LeBrune


Andi LaBrune - Mompreneur

Who IS Coach Andi? Andi LaBrune is the awesomesauce mother of nine children who lives life as a “Zen”-Mompreneur. She empowers moms in business to create time to get sh** done while having peace & calm amid the chaos, even with toddlers in tow and boobie-latched babies. Energy and vibrancy are a natural side-effect of her secret weapon — being selfishly unselfish.

Questions Asked and Answered:

  • How did Andi get into her business?
  • How does Andi work with her nine children?
  • What’s the one piece of advice Andi can give to be comfortable in their body??

Learn more about Andi at her website

The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #06 Crystal Melanson of Zen Functional Wellness

Our guest for today wants women to reclaim their foxiness via proper health and nutrition.

This week on The Get Foxy Show: Crystal Melanson of Zen Functional Wellness

Crystal Melanson - Zen Functional Wellness

Questions Asked and Answered: 

  • What is Crystal’s specific career?
  • How did Crystal get into her profession?
  • When Crystal’s not in the office, what are her passions?
  • What is a natural chef?
  • Why do they call the gut the second brain?
  • Does Crystal suggest certain foods or diets for vaious skin issues?
  • Has there been a time in Crystal’s life where she couldn’t find her foxiness?
  • How did Crystal reclaim her foxiness?
  • Who are Crystal’s role models?
  • Who are the people who come in to see Crystal?
  • What one piece of advice can she give to the Get Foxy listener?

Find more about Crystal and her business at her website or Facebook page

The Get Foxy Show Ep. #05 – Cynthia Kruse Relationship Coach


Cynthia Kruse Wild Love Colorado - Relationship Coach

This week’s guest on The Get Foxy Show wants women to feel positive and glowing inside and out. And she takes her enthusiasm and passion from past experiences where she felt invisible around other women.

This week, on The Get Foxy Show: Relationship Coach, Cynthia Kruse, owner of Wild Love Colorado

Questions Asked and Answered:

  • What does being foxy mean to Cynthia?
  • Has there ever been a time in Cynthia’s life where she didn’t embody that foxiness?
  • How does Cynthia’s work bring out the foxiness in others?
  • What has happened to women who have taken Cynthia’s advice?
  • Does she see the transformation with the women she works with?
  • Who embodies foxy in Cynthia’s world?
  • What is the one piece of advice Cynthia has for listeners of The Get Foxy Show?

Find Cynthia’s Meetup Group here:

The Get Foxy Show Ep. #04 – Dr. Tiffany Wall – New Beginnings Chiropractic

Today’s guest on The Get Foxy Show helps align people to improve their health and spirit. And she does it while also being foxy herself, as a wife and mother to an 11-week-old.

This Week’s Guest: Dr. Tiffany Wall of New Beginnings Chiropractic

Dr. Tiffany Wall - New Beginnings Chiropractic

Questions Asked and Answered: 

  • How does Dr. Tiffany help others reach their foxiness?
  • How did Dr. Tiffany get into chiropractic work?
  • How does Dr. Tiffany find the balance between new motherhood and her business?
  • What does foxy mean to Dr. Tiffany?
  • Who embodies foxiness in her world right now?
  • What is the one piece of advice Dr. Tiffany can give to others on how to stay foxy?

The Get Foxy Show Ep. #03 – Diana Hermann of Zi Zai Dermatology

Today’s guest takes the ancient medicines of Chinese history and applies them to today’s dermatology issues with amazing results.

Today’s Foxy Guest: Diana Hermann of Zi Zai Dermatology

Diana Hermann, L.Ac., - Zi Zai Dermatology

Questions Asked and Answered:

  • How did Diana get into traditional Chinese medicine?
  • What drew Diana to the dermatology side of Chinese medicine?
  • What are the most popular topical treatments she sells?
  • What does Diana do to bring out the Foxiness of her clients?
  • What does Foxy mean to Diana?
  • Who embodies Foxy in Diana’s world right now?
  • What piece of advice does Diana have for people to stay Foxy?

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