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Where we talk Holistic Beauty, Natural Health, and Passionate Living.

During each episode of The Get Foxy Show we bring you some of the best experts in Holistic Health, Natural Beauty, and Passionate Living so that you can tap into your innate confidence, your divine femininity, and cultivate your inner fox.  We want you to have an impact on your world – be that family, friends, your business, or your intimate relationships.

Do you know Jessica?

Jessica is 39. She’s a mother of three great kids. She’s been divorced but is now back on the dating scene. Jess is a hard working entrepreneur. She commutes like crazy for work and somehow gets her kids to all their activities. She’s tired, exhausted even. She only wishes more energy. She craves sleep and struggles to get out of bed in the morning. Her libido might as well not exist. And when she looks in the mirror, she isn’t happy with what (or who) she sees.

However, she stills wants to look her best. She’s considered Botox, even entertained the idea of cosmetic surgery, but she’d rather not go down that road. Jessica desires an exciting, passionate life. But it often feels like her business, kids, and relationships drag her down. She’s in desperate need of self-care, but can’t seem to find the time for it. She yearns to be seen and heard for the foxy, feminine woman that she truly is. And yet, she has a hard time finding, let alone cultivating and amplifying, her own inner fox.

If you can relate to Jessica, the The Get Foxy Show is for you. And you are worth it!

The Get Foxy Show brings you relevant interviews to help you improve your health, rejuvenate your looks, and live life passionately. There is nothing on this planet is more powerful than a woman who consciously and confidently owns her foxiness! This show is here to help you do just that.

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Episodes are published bi-weekly and go live on Tuesdays. You’ll get to hear amazing experts in the areas of Holistic Health, Natural Beauty, and Passionate Living. You can find us on iTunes, Android, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and by email. Please share this show with your friends!

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Keep listening and Stay Foxy!