Andrea Hall – Equine Gestalt Coaching – Ep.#44

Andrea Hall - Equine Gestalt Coaching

Andrea Hall – Equine Gestalt Coaching

Andrea is a high powered criminal defense attorney and has been for over 13 years, specializing in sex offenses and domestic violence.  After discovering a brain tumor, Andrea made the decision to get off the hamster wheel and leave the criminal justice system behind.

Andrea has done numerous years of personal coaching with Personal Success Institute prior to her own certification as a Coach. She was able to combine her love of horses and her ability to coach others into a brand new career as a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach. (ECG)

Gestalt means “wholeness” and this is what Andrea and her horses bring to her clients.   Consequently, she became certified through Melisa Pearce’s Touched by A Horse program in May 2016.  She and her husband live in Eaton, Colorado on 47 acres where she runs her business, Withers Whisper, LLC.  Additionally, she has 7 horses of her own and uses them in her EGC work. Andrea works with people who either need to find balance in their life or discover what makes their heart sing again.

(I’m so glad to have her on the show today!)

Andrea is also the author of Sex and Justice. She contributed to “Living Your JOY” Creating A Joy Filled Life Edited by Joyce Graham. Her story is called “For the love of horses!” and “Touched by a Horse Equine Coaching Stories” Anthology Edited by Melisa Pearce Her story is called “Surrendering the Dream.”

Horses can be foxy! How about that? Equine Gestalt Coaching.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How your energy / mental / emotional state affects a horse
  • What makes a horse an amazing therapeutic creature
  • How horses are the best lie detectors
  • The differences between Criminal Defense and ECG Coaching
  • Helping heal “unfinished business”
  • How working with horses can change neural pathways in your brain
  • Andrea’s definition of foxy
  • How ECG Coaching can give you a “face-lift”
  • A heartwarming story of a client’s experience with Joy
  • ECG and releasing the trauma of sexual assault
  • The innate healing presence of horses
  • How to stay foxy

Learn more about Andrea, her horses, and their work at

Give Andrea a call at 970-682-4405 to schedule your Free 30 min Exploratory Session.


Here’s the full version of Cowboys Prayer that I quoted at the end of the episode.

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