Supercharge Your Health with PEMFs – Dr. William Pawluck

Dr. William Pawluck Supercharge Your Health with PEMFs

Supercharge Your Health with PEMFs (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies)

William Pawluk, MD, MSc is the foremost authority on the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy in North America. His latest book, Supercharge Your Health With PEMFs, is a practical hands-on guide to PEMF treatment. This informative guide walks the reader through how to select and properly use the right PEMF system as treatment for over 80-different health conditions while cutting through online confusion about PEMF devices. 

Dr. Pawluk is passionate about finding new solutions for stubborn, chronic and frustrating health problems. After 25 years in medical practice, seeing the risks and side effects of traditional approaches, and studying various healing approaches, he discovered that PEMFs provide the most beneficial, safe, non- toxic, self-directed, self-controlled, at-home pain management. 

Having tested and used over 100 PEMF and other healing devices, Dr. Pawluk has developed a good understanding of the value of each type of device and how to maximize the benefits for almost any health condition. He routinely consults with people through his website about the best PEMF device and optimal use for their specific health needs. 

Ideas Covered in this Episode:

  • What is PEMF Therapy
  • The big difference between PEMF vs. EMF
  • EMFs are absorbed and create “heating” in the body
  • PEMFs move through the body and stimulate the body’s own electrical charge
  • PEMFs help bring energy to “stuck” injuries that don’t heal due to lack of body energy
  • The relationship between Acupuncture and PEMFs
  • The PEMF Training Academy
  • Dr. Pawluck’s books
  • How Dr. Pawluck got into Medicine
  • The danger of ibuprofen regarding stomach bleeding
  • The relationship between Qi Gong, Energy Medicine, and PEMFs
  • Actions of PEMFs
  • How PEMFs can help in Diabetes
  • Nutrition and Hydration are critical to support PEMF effectiveness
  • How to get a consultation
  • Dr. Pawluck’s definition of foxy

Learn more from Dr. Pawluck

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Supercharge Your Health With PEMFs book

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The SoulPäz Life – Sylvia D.

SoulPaz Sylvia D

Soul + Päz (a Latin word for Peace) = SoulPäz

Ms. Sylvia D. is a proud health-nut and D-I-Y-er. She’s on a mission to educate and elevate-our everyday self-care rituals with good-for-you ingredients and luxe vibes through her brand SoulPäz. SoulPäz Bath & Body was born out of the need for luxurious products with non-toxic ingredients.

When a layoff in her social services career loomed,Sylvia took a leap of faith and went ”all in” on herself with her “little bath and body shoppe” and never looked back! 

Founded in Chicago -2016 with just a basic jar of sugar scrub now Sylvia D. has expanded her line to include a full array of offerings that include self care faves and pain management necessities. 

In addition she has lent her skills of Content Management and Consulting to others – sharing what she has learned in her entrepreneurial journey to help other soloprenuers spark their creativity and stay motivated! 

Sylvia’s Motto: “Happy Girls Make the Best Stuff.” And her mission is to remind you to take care of you so that you pursue your dreams to the fullest.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • What is SoulPäz ?
  • How SoulPäz came about
  • Taking a leap of fatih
  • It starts with skin-care and ends with self-care
  • Finding the courage
  • Worthiness and Self-esteem in Self-care
  • Take steps toward your dreams and desires
  • Sylvia’s skincare journey
  • Happy girls make the best stuff
  • Start your day with optimism
  • SoulPäz Youtube channel
  • Sylvia’s definition of foxy
  • Syliva’s way to reclaim foxiness
  • Who’s foxy in Sylvia’s world
  • One piece of advice how to stay foxy

Learn more about SoulPäz

IG: @soulpazlife

FB: @soulpazlife

TikTok: @soulpazlife

YouTube: The SoulPaz Life

Sylvia’s created a special coupon code for you at Use this code at checkout: GETFOXY You’ll get 25% off all things BATH.Body.Soul!

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Losing Weight with Wavelength – Sarah Stites

Wavelength Weight Loss - Sarah Stites

Losing weight with the help of Wavelength means personalized nutrition combined with the power of mental health tools. Now that’s foxy!

Sarah Stites is the co-founder and CEO of Wavelength, a modern program for healthy eating combin personalized nutrition with mental health tools for losing weight.

She knows first-hand the shame that comes with eating and weight-related issues. She was diagnosed with PCOS and prediabetes as a teen, gaining 100lbs in a year. While diet programs relied on guilt and body shame, her mom (a PhD with a Masters degree in Nutrition Science) helped her take a more compassionate approach. By using principles from Behavioral Neuroscience, Addiction Therapy, Nutrition, and Mindfulness, Sarah was able to understand the root cause of her habits, reverse her prediabetes, and lose 150lbs. That was over ten years ago.

Now, Sarah leads the Wavelength team to scale her mom’s holistic solution to millions of people. She’s a fierce advocate for “more science, less blame.” And she teaches pleasure as an important part of health. Sarah believes it’s time to move beyond the concept of body perfection. Instead, it’s time to start focusing on helping people have a better time in their bodies.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How did Sarah got into her expertise
  • The Mind/Body is one system
  • The importance of Gut Health
  • “Intuitive” Eating
  • Having a better experience in your body
  • Understanding a person’s personal priorities in relationship to food  
  • Better understanding of yourself to change your patterns for weight loss
  • No shame. Feeling in control
  • Sarah’s definition of foxy
  • Reclaiming foxiness fast by going slow
  • Checking in with your basic needs
  • Who’s foxy in Sarah’s world
  • Stepping out of the shame cycle

If you’d like to work with Sarah and her team at Wavelength click here to get a 50% discount code.

Anti-aging Therapies – Dr. Melissa Loseke

anti-aging Dr. Melissa Loseke

As an expert in anti-aging therapies, Dr. Melissa knows how to help people stay foxy!

Anti-aging expert, Melissa Loseke, is a DO physician who’s focus is wellness, not illness, by optimizing health and utilizing innovative therapies and medicines. After working with several companies singularly focused on hormone replacement, and realizing that there was a significant gap in the way medicine was being practiced, Dr. Melissa created the Re-new Institute. She felt that patients deserved to have the practice focused on their goals and health, making them an integral part of their anti-aging process.  

Melissa began her career in Family Medicine in Omaha, NE. She practiced as a primary care physician for 18 months before leaving traditional medicine for a more functional and regenerative approach.  She felt that much of primary care was driven by insurance companies and health systems, with less focus on the actual patient and their needs. Her passions in medicine include Bio-identical Hormone Replacement therapy, Peptide Therapy, Biologics including PRP and Stem cells for numerous treatment options, Photobiomodulation, Ozone therapy, Sexual health and wellness, aesthetics and weight loss strategies. 

Melissa created Re-new with the quest for a better way in medicine, with pillars of innovation, education and an experience unlike any other.  She felt that many clinics, often only offer one, two or three components to health, wellness and optimization, instead of truly offering comprehensive options, leaving a gap for patients, hence the creation and vision of Re-new Institute.  A clinic that focuses on all aspects of regenerative and functional medicine, giving men and women the ultimate experience in their journey and quest to feeling their best.  

Dr. Loseke constantly recommits herself to learning about the latest methods and treatments to help patients lead healthier lives, focusing on wellness in the treatment of patients and allowing them to be an integral part of their care and the path to feeling like themselves again.  One of her favorite sayings sums up the belief on the importance of not only balancing hormones but their vital role in overall health and well being:

“Our hormone levels don’t decline because we age…Perhaps we age because our hormone levels decline.”

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How Melissa got into Anti-Aging medicine
  • Wellness. Not Illness.
  • Functional Medicine
  • Hormones are important
  • Bio-identical Hormones for anti-aging
  • Hormone-related Cancers
  • PRP in aesthetics and sexual health
  • Developing an individualized treatment plan
  • How to work with Melissa
  • Melissa’s definition of foxy

Find Dr. Melissa on Instagram: @re_new_institute

Upgraded Formulas – Barton Scott

Upgraded Formulas - Barton Scott

Upgraded Formulas can get you back to feeling foxy with their unique mineral supplements.

Founder of Upgraded Formulas, Barton Scott, is a successful chemical engineer and nutritionist. As a young man, he had always possessed a sharp mind and ease of recall. However, around the time he lost his mother, Barton began suffering from memory loss. He realized that the two events were linked and set out on a journey to discover all he could about the functions of the human body.

Barton discovered how mineral supplements lacked effectiveness and absorption into the body, rendering most products in the market useless. With his knowledge of industrial processes, as well as the typical gaps in nutrition, Barton created a new and patent-pending category of supplementation, Liquid Nano Minerals. With these supplements, he was able to solve his short term memory loss!

Barton, with the creation of Upgraded Formulas, has chosen to focus his life’s work on an area of health optimization that impacts all the rest, nutrient deficiency. He is passionate about helping people combat the stressors of daily life, the toxicity of the modern world, and the utter lack of nutrients and mineral absorption issues that we all face, and he has made it his mission to reduce suffering by increasing the public’s understanding of the human body’s interrelationships.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How Barton created Upgraded Formulas
  • You are made of Elements
  • Minerals are extremely important
  • How to find out if you’re mineral deficient
  • Eating well won’t make you well if you’re sick 
  • Test. Don’t Guess.
  • Hair Testing gives quality information
  • What minerals are the most often deficient
  • Some supplements have ingredients that conflict with one another
  • Medications strip nutrients from your body
  • Iron deficiency can be misdiagnosed. It may be Copper deficiency.
  • Barton’s definition of foxy
  • Upgrade Formulas donates to Charity Water
  • Use code GETFOXY20 to get a discount on your purchase

The Rogue Method™ – Tyler Lewis

The Rogue Method Tyler Lewis

The Rogue Method™ alleviates The Big 4 – Toxins, Traumas, Nutritional Deficiencies, and Infections. 

By studying the healing patterns of 1000+ patients in clinical practice, Tyler created The Rogue Method™ as a new model of care for patients to achieve better healing outcomes and regain true wellness. This method is now being adopted by integrative and holistic health practitioners worldwide. By identifying and addressing interferences in key systems of the body, patients can heal from conditions such as Autism, Lyme, and other auto-immune diseases. The Rogue Method’s Foundational Course allows health seekers and practitioners alike to learn – and easily apply – the 3-step model of care that Tyler practices in her clinic.

Tyler’s initial focus was on helping children living with Autism to find their voices and begin to heal. Her mission is to educate and empower all people to confidently take responsibility for their health and the health of their family.

She currently practices at Rogue Family Wellness in Lafayette, Colorado where she and her team see patients of all ages and needs of care.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How the Rogue Method™ was developed
  • The Big 4 – Toxins, Traumas, Nutritional Deficiencies, and Infections 
  • Tyler’s personal family journey with Regressive Autism
  • The power of reducing the Big 4 instead of using pharmaceuticals
  • Brain swelling due to Injury or Infection are a critical factor
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity – how we get it.
  • Vaccines and Toxicity 
  • The importance of Gut Health
  • Glyphosate (RoundUp) is damaging to your body 
  • The Gut/Brain Axis
  • Strep Bacteria can enter the Brain via the Gut
  • The quandry of Anti-Biotics
  • The Big 4 apply not only to Autistic kids but also “normal” adults
  • Tyler’s definition of foxy
  • Who’s foxy in Tyler’s world

Flower Essences – Katie Hess

Flower Essence Katie Hess LotusWei

The flower essences by LOTUSWEI will lift your mood and get you back to feeling foxy!

Katie Hess is an expert of flower essences and flower alchemy – using the healing power of flowers to awaken our true potential. She is the author of Flowerevolution and founder of LOTUSWEI, the world’s leading flower elixir apothecary. She travels in search of rare flowers with the healing qualities most needed by today’s world, from the forests of British Columbia, to sacred sites in India, rainforests in Costa Rica, hot springs in Iceland and the jungles of Taiwan.

Katie captures the lifeforce and activating potential of flowers and translates it into an accessible method to bring more happiness into our daily lives.   

One of the most sustainable forms of natural medicine, flower essences are known for their short-term benefits like clarity, focus and sleep, with long-term benefits of rapid personal growth.

Having gathered empirical research from thousands of private clients, Katie created a flower essence library with elixirs now used by people in more than 50 countries. She teaches mindful-awareness practices at Flowerlounge events around the world, and hosts the Flowerlounge Podcast, featuring experts in unconventional paths to self-awareness, with listeners in more than 75 countries. She’s founder of the Self-Arising Nature Center in Phoenix, Arizona, a center for flower essence education, experiences and practitioner training.

Whether it’s hosting retreats, leading meditations, or her travels to find the planet’s most powerful flowers, the essence of Katie’s work is to awaken people to their own inner wisdom. Find out what your favorite flower means about you at

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • What are flower elixirs
  • How Katie became a Flower Essence expert
  • Flower Essence is a method to help foster personal growth
  • Programming water with flowers
  • How Katie chooses her flowers
  • Geological location of the plant matters
  • Flower essences are only the “life force” of the flower, not the physical matter
  • Flowerevolution book
  • Katie’s definition of foxy
  • How Katie maintains her foxiness

Click for Katie’s Ted Talk

Dr. Hotflash – Angela DeRosa, DO

Dr. Hotflash - Angela DeRosa, DO

Dr. Hotflash gets you back to feeling foxy!

Dr. Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE, a.k.a. Dr. Hotflash, is a dynamic professional on a mission to change the face of women’s health and wellness and has more than 25 years of experience in the medical field, both on the pharmaceutical side and in clinical practice. 

As an internationally recognized authority on women’s hormonal health, Dr. DeRosa understands the range of health issues women face leading up to and during menopause as she herself was in full-blown menopause by the age of 35.

Dr. DeRosa’s enthusiasm for educating patients on the realities of menopause and the risk factors hormonal health imbalances was the driving force behind her first bestselling book, How Your Doctor Is Slowly Killing You: A Woman’s Health Survival Guide. In 2018, she launched The Hormonal Health Institute: Executive Instruction for Medical Professionals, a hormonal healthcare consultancy designed to instruct medical providers and provide practice development training on bio- identical hormone replacement therapies. 

In addition to her educational and clinical activities, Dr. DeRosa serves as the medical director for Belmar Pharma Solutions where she provides clinical and scientific technical support for all aspects of the business as well as clinical expertise for internal and external customers.

Ideas covered:

  • How Angela became “Dr. Hot Flash”
  • You’re not crazy. It’s not in your head.
  • Testosterone is actually important for women
  • What testosterone does for women
  • Your fibromyalgia might be misdiagnosed
  • The difference between synthetic and bio-identical hormones 
  • What does it mean to “compound” a product
  • Why there is bias against compounding hormone products
  • Media misrepresentation of compounded hormone therapy
  • Angela’s definition of foxy
  • Who’s foxy in Angela’s world
  • How Angela reclaims her foxiness
  • One piece of advice for a woman in perimenopause

Foxy Comes From Within – Udo Erasmus

Udo Erasmus

“Foxy comes from within” says author Udo Erasmus.

Udo Erasmus is the co-founder of Udo’s Choice line, which can be found in Whole Foods and other health food stores worldwide. Udo designed the machinery for making oils with health in mind and pioneered flax oil, a billion dollar industry. However, Udo walked a difficult path to become the man he is today. Being a child of war, Udo’s life began with intense struggle. As an adult, he got pesticide poisoning in 1980, leaving doctors at a loss regarding treatment. Deciding to take his health into his own hands, Udo began researching, and his discoveries led him to a passion for finding the answers to life’s big questions which would hopefully one day bring him and the world peace.

Today, Udo is an acclaimed speaker and author of many books, including the best-selling Fats That Heal Fats That Kill, which has sold over 250,000 copies. He teaches at events hosted by Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra, has keynoted an international brain health conference, and has traveled to over 30 countries to conduct thousands of live presentations, media interviews, and staff trainings impacting more than 25,000,000 lives with his message on oils, health, peace, nature, and human nature. Udo has an extensive education in biochemistry, genetics, biology, and nutrition, including a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

Foxy comes from within. How you ask? Get Udo’s free book, Total Sexy Health, and find out.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Why Udo got into Health and Wellness
  • Fats, Digestion, and Inspiration
  • The intersection of Western Methods and East Asian Medicine
  • Working with Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins
  • Udo’s definition of foxy
  • Foxy is natural when you’re aligned with your nature and surroundings
  • Udo’s 8 
  • Peace
  • Feeling heartache is calling you back to your source
  • Life energy is solar energy
  • Inspiration
  • The Body, Food, and Fitness
  • Survival Smarts
  • Social Group
  • Foxy comes from within
  • Natural Environment
  • Infinite Awareness
  • Alignment in all the 8 makes you unbelievably foxy
  • How Udo cultivates his foxiness
  • Which is more important – being or doing?
  • How to find out more about Udo’s products, programs, and book
  • Who’s foxy in Udo’s world
  • Namas-fox-te

EMF & Developing Awareness – R Blank


EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequency) is an issue that many are unfamiliar with. But not our guest, R Blank.

An expert on ElectroMagnetic Frequency, R Blank is the CEO of Shield Your Body, whose mission it is to Make Technology Safer. With hundreds of thousands of customers in over 30 countries, and having been interviewed on platforms ranging from ABC television to ElectricSense, R is an internationally followed expert on issues of EMF, health and safety. He was inspired to create SYB when he co-authored the best-selling book, ‘Overpowered’, with his father, Dr. Martin Blank, one of the world’s leading EMF scientists. He has degrees from Columbia University and UCLA.

EMFs are extremely commonplace in our society and modern world. However, few of us really know much about them, much less have an in-depth understanding about them. This is why I wanted to R Blank as a guest on this show. EMFs can be a contributing factor in many of today’s most common diseases.

Ideas Covered in this Episode:

  • What is EMF?
  • ElectroMagnetic Frequency is not a conspiracy theory, it’s a toxin.
  • Radiation from your iPhone is an issue
  • How we go about reducing EMF exposure
  • Turn off your Wifi at night
  • Don’t buy “smart” appliances you don’t really need
  • Maximize your distance
  • The goal is not to eliminate but reduce your exposure
  • Shield Your Body products are a second line of defense
  • R’s thoughts on stones for protection against EMFs
  • R’s definition of foxy