Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet – Erin Wathen

Why Can't I Stick To My Diet Erin Wathen

Erin is a Holistic Health Coach, Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, Food Addiction Counselor, and author of the best-selling book “Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet?

After realizing her lifelong struggle with her weight wasn’t due to a lack of exercise, but her food and more importantly the emotions she wasn’t dealing with that lead to the food, Erin began a quest.

This journey led her to become an Integrated Health Coach. After learning that she herself was addicted to Sugar and Artificial Sweetener, Erin detoxed herself and then became one of the world’s first Food Addition Counselors. In doing so, she traveled as far as Iceland to complete her training.

It was at this point that Erin decided to write her book “Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet” because she had been asking herself that question for decades and it was the wrong question! It wasn’t until Erin realized to take her knowledge of Health Coaching and Food Addiction together in her book she could help so many more people end emotional eating and stop yo-yo dieting and learn to eat right once and for all.

Health isn’t a number on the scale or how often we exercise, but our lives as a whole.

Erin Wathen

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • The whole picture of your life is what matters
  • How sleep and food are connected
  • Sleep is a higher priority than exercise
  • Give your body a chance to rest
  • Eating only 2-3 daily
  • The importance of food journaling
  • Awareness around food is key
  • Feel your feelings instead of eating food
  • Erin’s definition of foxy
  • What Erin does to reclaim her foxiness
  • Who embodies foxy in Erin’s world

Get more info or work with Erin here: https://erinwathenwellness.com

The Complete Sleep Solution – Martha Lewis

Complete Sleep Solution - Martha Lewis

Lack of sleep = Lack of foxiness. Sleep well to get your foxy on!

Martha Lewis is a successful sleep expert, consultant, blogger and speaker. After struggling with her own sleep difficulties and finding the key to a better night’s rest, Martha created her Complete Sleep Solution program. She helps female entrepreneurs who are struggling with their sleep get the rest they need so they can make the difference they want to make in the world.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Why is sleep so important
  • How Martha became a Sleep Expert and created the Complete Sleep Solution
  • Things you can do for better sleep
  • What Cortisol is and how it messes with your sleep
  • How light can negatively affect your sleep
  • Martha’s definition of foxy
  • Lifestyle and diet are key for better sleep
  • Sleep journaling
  • Exercise and moment are helpful for sleep
  • A successful sleep transformation
  • One big piece of advice to get you sleeping better

Happiness Now – Sonia Weyers

Happiness Now - Sonia Weyers

Foxiness and Happiness go hand in hand. Sonia knows a bit about both!

Sonia Weyers is a woman on a journey. She’s a mother of four.  And she’s passionate about the search for happiness. In her own life, she’s explored numerous paths in her personal quest for meaning. Sonia’s committed herself to a permanent search for the best drivers of personal growth.  And now she’s putting her expertise at the service of her clients. 

She has a PhD from Stanford Business School and an Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change, as well as a European Certificate for Psychotherapy. And, she’s the author of Happiness Now – A Guided Journey

Sonia holds a holistic outlook on being human and she emphasizes the relational nature of our lives. Her mission is to lead people to cultivate self-fulfillment by discovering their keys to a happy life whether at work or at home.

In all her activities, she’ll guide you towards more happiness. In her group workshops, she’ll lead you to discover and cultivate your aptitude for happiness. Her personalized coaching and therapy will help you to resolve your difficulties rooted in the past and to realize your objectives for a brighter future. And her conferences and publications will open you to the possibility of improving your experience of your own life and invite you to get moving. 

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • What Happiness is, according to Sonia
  • What prompted Sonia to write her book
  • The impact of Sonia’s mother on her own happiness
  • Does forgiveness play a part in Happiness
  • Processes to release emotional weight
  • “It’s not about them. It’s about me.”
  • Feel your feelings
  • Therapy provides a safe space for feeling your feelings
  • Daily practices for happiness now
  • An emergency stress busting exercise (Youtube link at time mark)
  • The importance of self-introspection and sleep
  • Sonia’s definition of foxy
  • The importance of exercise
  • Self-care versus self-indulgence

Find out more by going to Sonia’s website: www.eudokima.com/en

CBD & Chinese Herbs – Stacey Donelson

CBD & Chinese Herbs - Stacey Donelson

Stacey is a trailblazer in the arena of CBD & Chinese Herbs. Breaking new ground in Medicine – now that’s foxy!

Stacey Donelson, L.Ac., studied at both Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in New York, NY. She has over 4000 hours of training including additional Clinical Training at Pacific College with professor Roger Tsao, an eminent TCM scholar, as well as Tom Leung the owner of Kamwo Herbs. Her focus in on women’s health and fertility of both men and women. She has two children, a husband, and she uses Chinese Medicine to keep her entire family healthy and happy.

As I fall asleep, I think about all the things in my life that day that I am grateful for. The more I focus on what I’m grateful for, the more I have to be grateful for.

Stacey Donelson, L.Ac.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Stacey’s journey into Acupuncture
  • How Stacey became a CBD trailblazer
  • The hemp industry is very new with very little research
  • There is a synergistic effect between Chinese Herbs and the Cannabis
  • Stacey’s research trip into China and Tibet
  • The reason behind using the combo of CBD and Chinese Herbs topically
  • Stacey’s products actually smell good (most hemp products don’t)
  • Stacey’s definition of foxy
  • What Stacey does to bring back her foxiness
  • Nightly gratitude is key

Stacey’s Herbal Medicine site: https://goodlifebotanicals.com

Stacey’s Acupuncture Practice: https://goodlifelongmont.com

Follow her on Social Media at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoodLifeLongmont/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goodlifebotanicals/

Rise Again After Divorce – Sara Gibbons

Sara Gibbons

Divorce is traumatic. But, it is possible for you to heal and get your foxy back!

Sara Gibbons has been a natural health practitioner and lifestyle strategist for over 20 years and has successfully helped hundreds of clients improve and move on in their lives during this time. Her aim is to guide people to help themselves to the life and freedom they really want in the most effective and powerful way possible.

Now living on the coast in Norfolk, England, she was previously the founder and owner of The Practical Natural Therapy Centre in Harrogate, UK, has worked internationally, taught classes and groups and worked with clients one to one.

Sara has training and qualifications in counselling and nutrition, as well as a variety of healing therapies and disciplines. This training, together with her personal development and spiritual work of many years, means she has been able to develop both exclusive and effective programs that really move her clients on fast.

It all began with her own traumatic experience around divorce (which was also her wake up call!) Now Sara specialises in life changes and health and wellbeing.  She shares how to move on from relationship breakdown, divorce, bereavement, health issues or a life crisis either through 1-2-1 work or courses.

Sara Gibbons’ first book in the Help Your Cellves Empowerment series has recently been published: 

Rise Again After Divorce: The 5 Keys For Women To Heal Wounds, Resurrect Dreams And Create A Life Full Of Love

After the long and eventful journey that I’ve been on personally, starting at the depths of despair, I now couldn’t be happier, and my life keeps expanding and growing with love and joy. And this is what I want for you too.

Sarah Gibbons

Ideas Covered In This Episode:

  • Sara’s own journey into Coaching
  • Our cells are our foundation
  • We have to take responsibility to help our cells and ourselves
  • It doesn’t matter where you start. It’s the first step that’s important
  • After the trauma of divorce, you have to get to a point where you want to heal
  • How long it takes to see positive transformation
  • The importance of knowing yourself
  • How journaling helps you clear your emotions 
  • Sara’s definition of foxy
  • You always have a choice to reach out for support

Connect with Sara Gibbons here: www.helpyourcellves.com

Facebook Group 1:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/HelpYourCellvesToEmpowerment/

Facebook Group 2: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DivorceBeGoneLetsMoveOn/

Unlearn Anxiety – Jodi Aman

Unlearn Anxiety with Jodi Aman

Jodi knows it’s possible to unlearn anxiety. Now she’s helping others do the same.

An intuitive counselor for over 20 years, Jodi Aman encourages women overcome anxiety and live happier. Through humor and warmth, her popular YouTube Channel inspires thousands of people all over the world get rid of fear, expand their consciousness and live with vitality. Having clawed her way out of her own anxiety and depression, Jodi shares her story of stepping into her personal power, and shows you how in her best selling book, You 1, Anxiety 0 – Win Your Life Back From Fear And Panic. She’ll teach you how to change limiting beliefs, calm life’s chaos, create peace and embody happiness in your life.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Different words that relate to insecurity
  • Wanting to be seen as worthy while wanting to be hidden as unworthy
  • Social media’s role in comparison culture
  • Modern culture’s influence on how we measure ourselves by social standards
  • The role of adrenaline in anxiety and insecurity
  • Ego keeps us suffering 
  • Understanding the social standards and creating your own definitions
  • Jodi’s definition of foxy
  • Posture is important and attractive
  • How to reclaim your confidence
  • Anxiety can be a learned behavior
  • The first step to unlearn anxiety
  • A transformational story of recognizing anxiety’s lies
  • Doing chores can help reduce anxiety, especially in kids

Find Jodi’s Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/JodiAman/featured

Or get more information at JodiAman.com

Being Unapologetically Authentic – Jenae Noonan

Jenae Noonan

Being “Unapologetically Authentic” with Jenae Noonan.

Jenae Noonan is a physical fitness expert who will show you how increasing physical strength and learning empowering safety skills can boost confidence and enhance inner strength. She helps with revealing drive, passion, belief in one’s self and respect for ones self – being unapologetically authentic. Additionally, as an MMA champion she uses her experiences in and out of the cage to motivate people to achieve their own personal victories.

Jenae is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) National Champion representing the USA in the World games. She’s a two time Worlds Champion. Using her experiences in the cage as references to demonstrate how to have passion, drive, purpose and power in every day life, Jenae authored the best selling book, “Fighter: Living Life Like a Champion.” Also, she’s the co-founder of Stay Safe LLC where she uses her MMA skills and motivational speaking to teach women and children of all ages how to “stay safe” in their environment. On top of that, Jenae is a certified  life coach with Kim Sommer-Eglesee 10+ life coaching, specializing in self esteem, confidence, fitness, weight loss, focus and motivation, relationships and much more.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Do what sets your soul on fire
  • How Jenae got into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • How BJJ can be empowering for girls and women
  • Being Unapologetically Authentic is foxy
  • How Jenae reclaims her foxiness on a daily basis
  • Jenae’s self-care tips
  • Being able to admit that you’re emotionally hurting is strength
  • Who embodies foxy according to Jenae
  • The 5 people you surround yourself with most are the 5 that have the most influence on you
  • The importance of having a coach 
  • Discipline and correction is loving
  • Having friends that will call you out on your crap
  • Jenae’s one piece of advice on how to stay foxy

Learn more and interact with Jenae at the links below:

Her website: http://www.jenaenoonan.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TurboNoonan/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jenaenoonan/

Creating Confidence – Chrisa T.S.

Chrisa T.S.

Confidence is foxy. And Chrisa T.S. knows how to help you bring it out in yourself.

Chrisa Tzortzaki Stratoudakis, a.k.a. Chrisa T.S., assists her clients achieve increased motivation, confidence, creativity, productivity, stress relief and she helps them excel in public speaking.

A TEDx Speaker and a former Political Strategy Advisor, she has extensive experience working with high performing people in high pressure situations and she excels helping women deal with confidence related issues, stress management and public speaking on stage, in business and in life

Through her programs, workshops and retreats she guides her audience through powerful experiences that help them face their limiting beliefs, master a confident speaking mindset, have authentic communication, and gain even greater growth and fulfillment. 

Every Thursday, Chrisa hosts her own video show: The Chrisa Group Show, discussing personal development hot topics. Most nights, you’ll find Chrisa at home with a cup of herbal Cretan tea writing about life, love, business and everything else on her blog:

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Is a good girl actually a quiet one?
  • People can be curses or blessings in our lives
  • Chrisa’s definition of foxy
  • Who embodies foxy in Chrisa’s world
  • Helping women find their authentic voice
  • Having tea with the voices in your head
  • Connecting to the positive intention of your inner critic
  • Using journaling, hypnosis, and acupuncture 
  • Common questions about public speaking
  • Power Posing influences how you feel
  • A client transformation story
  • Qigong for stage presence
  • Chrisa’s daily practices for confidence
  • Chrisa’s number one recommendation on how to bolster confidence 

Transform Your Body & Mood Naturally – Olivia Rose Niedbala, L.Ac.

Olivia Rose Niedbala

Olivia Rose Niedbala knows the transformative power of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Olivia Rose Niedbala is a licensed acupuncturist, practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and an expert in the fields of holistic medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle optimization. After a making switch from studying Psychology to Acupuncture and TCM, Olivia transformed her mental and physical health. Using the tools she learned from her schooling and independent study, she reversed her diagnosis of metabolic syndrome. She transformed from obese to fit, and went from severely depressed to happy. And now Olivia’s passionate about spreading her wealth of knowledge to others experiencing similar situations. 

Below is the video that drew me to ask Olivia to be on the show:

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • The mind and body are one entity
  • Little steps in your daily life make the difference
  • Olivia’s low point
  • Transformation takes time
  • Your body wants to heal
  • Simple dietary steps Olivia took to create positive transformation
  • Eating meat isn’t necessarily a bad thing
  • A raw vegan diet may not be the best for you
  • Gut health impacts your mental health
  • Keto and Paleo may not be the best either
  • Smoothies can cause trouble for the digestive system
  • The moldy sponge metaphor
  • What does foxy mean to Olivia
  • Who embodies foxy
  • Common questions about Olivia’s work
  • The benefits of Acupuncture
  • The benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

To learn more about Olivia Rose Niedbala and her work, check out the following links:

Olivia’s Youtube Channel




The Happiness Recipe – Iesha Delune

Iesha Delune - The Happiness Recipe

Iesha Delune’s Happiness Recipe helps you cook up some foxiness in your life!

“Since 1997 Iesha has worked as a path-clearer for people looking for clarity and support so that what inspires their mind, body and soul is reflected in their personal and professional lives. 

Her transformational life coaching is an antidote to lack of direction, exhaustion, anxiety and overwhelm. Thus enabling her clients to invest more fully in creating their authentic and integrated, lasting happiness and success.

She has authored three books, most recent being, “The Happiness Recipe – Discover the Unique Ingredients You Need To Thrive.” And she’s created two, ten-track Sing Your Affirmations albums, (selling hundreds of thousands of tracks worldwide,) all of which support people into new and more enjoyable beliefs about themselves and about their lives.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How Iesha got into her work
  • The inspiration for the Happiness Recipe
  • Listen to your body. It’ll give you signals that you’re not thriving
  • Interpreting messages from your body
  • “No” messages from the body can create health problems
  • Catharsis is how you begin the Happiness Recipe
  • How Iesha creates a space of safety for her client’s catharsis
  • Iesha’s definition of foxy
  • Ellen is an embodiment of foxy
  • Understanding your “care label”
  • Iesha’s one piece of advice for happiness

For more information about Iesha and her work click here: https://wholisticvitality.com.au/about/