Blackbelt Clarity – Colleen Biggs

Being Seen and Heard - Colleen Biggs

Colleen is here to help women gain the clarity they need to be seen and heard at the highest level.

Colleen Biggs strives to reach all leaders and entrepreneurs through influence to encourage the understanding that in order to be, have, and do anything in life that you desire, you must first Gain Clarity! Colleen survived an early childhood of chaos, loss, and abuse. It was through these trials that she gained the clarity to understand the magnitude of loving others unconditionally, always giving back and realizing the power that community can have for women to reach their greatest potential. 

She is an inspiration to others by helping them realize their worth, gain clarity, SHOW UP and excel.  She believes that life is about thriving and not survival only! She has extensive success and experience in corporate America for over 30 years, coaching with over 300 CEO’s, franchising, voluntary national and local community service, and numerous project launches. She has served as a Director for her church and organized women’s retreats and local girls’ camps as well as serves on several additional Advisory Boards. 

Most recently she launched the successful business that she co-founded, Lead Up for Women. She actively promotes women business owners and have broadened her efforts to elevate women in leadership positions throughout Corporate America through Lead Up for Women. She currently has a weekly radio show on Voiceamerica(R) Empowerment Channel; Lead Up for Women: Speak Up to Lead Up, and publishes a bi-monthly magazine. She travels the nation with her monthly luncheons empowering, motivating and educating women to #lead without permission by tapping into their purpose.  

She is a processes and procedures powerhouse and believes in “doing it once”. Her skilled coaching in these areas allows business owners to own their businesses instead allowing their businesses to own them. She continues to grow, learn, lead, motivate and support others in business and in life through her various platforms as well as her one-on-one and group coaching offerings. As a 1st degree Black Belt and Certified Personal Trainer, she shares her passion of fitness with others through coaching, teaching classes, and training individuals for a happy and healthy life. She is happily married to the love of her life with 7 children and 9 grandchildren, with 2 on the way! 

You can find Colleen online through and listen to her on her weekly radio show

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How Colleen got into leading, coaching, and inspiring others
  • The catalyst that caused Colleen to choose being seen and heard
  • Gaining the clarity to step into being seen and heard
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who support you
  • The significance of a Blackbelt
  • Breaking through blocks – figuratively and literally
  • Shining your light allows for others to come out of the shadows
  • A client’s success story
  • Your network is your net worth
  • Lead Up For Women
  • Colleen’s definition of foxy
  • How to develop your foxiness
  • Who’s foxy in Colleen’s world
  • One piece of advice on how to step into the spotlight

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