Losing Weight with Wavelength – Sarah Stites

Wavelength Weight Loss - Sarah Stites

Losing weight with the help of Wavelength means personalized nutrition combined with the power of mental health tools. Now that’s foxy!

Sarah Stites is the co-founder and CEO of Wavelength, a modern program for healthy eating combin personalized nutrition with mental health tools for losing weight.

She knows first-hand the shame that comes with eating and weight-related issues. She was diagnosed with PCOS and prediabetes as a teen, gaining 100lbs in a year. While diet programs relied on guilt and body shame, her mom (a PhD with a Masters degree in Nutrition Science) helped her take a more compassionate approach. By using principles from Behavioral Neuroscience, Addiction Therapy, Nutrition, and Mindfulness, Sarah was able to understand the root cause of her habits, reverse her prediabetes, and lose 150lbs. That was over ten years ago.

Now, Sarah leads the Wavelength team to scale her mom’s holistic solution to millions of people. She’s a fierce advocate for “more science, less blame.” And she teaches pleasure as an important part of health. Sarah believes it’s time to move beyond the concept of body perfection. Instead, it’s time to start focusing on helping people have a better time in their bodies.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How did Sarah got into her expertise
  • The Mind/Body is one system
  • The importance of Gut Health
  • “Intuitive” Eating
  • Having a better experience in your body
  • Understanding a person’s personal priorities in relationship to food  
  • Better understanding of yourself to change your patterns for weight loss
  • No shame. Feeling in control
  • Sarah’s definition of foxy
  • Reclaiming foxiness fast by going slow
  • Checking in with your basic needs
  • Who’s foxy in Sarah’s world
  • Stepping out of the shame cycle

If you’d like to work with Sarah and her team at Wavelength click here to get a 50% discount code.

The Bella Santini Chronicles – Angela Legh

Bella Santini Chronicles - Angela Legh

Utilizing Fantasy Fiction to help kids better process their emotions, that’s The Bella Santini Chronicles.

Angela Legh‘s gift is in knowing how to speak with children and their parents from her heart; telling them of the magic they have inside. Her books open the hearts of readers and expand their awareness of their own inner worlds.

She tirelessly speaks of the importance of processing emotions, teaching young children how to do that in her books, The Bella Santini Chronicles fairytales.

Angela grew up with an alcoholic father and an angelic mother. Her family home burned down when she was six. Because her parents couldn’t find a place to live, she was sent to foster care for a few months. Because she was ripped out of her family, she believed she didn’t deserve love. After high school she married an older man; things were good for a while. But over time he began to control her; his criticism couched in “helpful” terms, but the message remained, she didn’t deserve love. She stayed in this emotionally abusive marriage for over 32 years, because she admittedly did not value herself above others. 

She was pushed outside of her comfort zone, again by a fire. The Tubbs fire of 2017 destroyed her community and her family home.  When she was stripped of everything except the relationship, she had to face the fact that she was not being served in the relationship. She left the marriage and began a path of self-healing. She started writing her story, with the intent of helping others to achieve self-acceptance, forgiveness, and healing. This awakened her creativity and has resulted in her current project – a series of children’s books: The Bella Santini Chronicles

Her book series, The Bella Santini Chronicles, a fairytale aimed at ages 8-11, teaches children the importance of processing their emotions and gives them the tools to process their feelings. The book series delves into complex topics, such as child abandonment, bullying, sibling rivalry, and good vs. evil. Readers build emotional muscle and set a path of wellbeing that allows them to navigate the difficult teen years without seeing suicide as a solution to their problems.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death in teens
  • Processing emotions and rising out of victim mentality
  • Angela’s personal journey 
  • The importance of boundary setting
  • The beauty and inspiration of England
  • The answer is love. But, sometimes you have to love from afar
  • The challenges of Bella Santini
  • The issue with Boys can’t cry/Girls can’t get mad
  • Planting seeds of emotional sufficiency
  • Having a loving relationship with yourself first
  • A free copy is available for those who can’t afford it.
  • Angela’s definition of foxy
  • One big piece of advice to help one process their emotions 

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Embracing Self-Care – Mary Hyatt

embracing self-care with Mary Hyatt

Mary Hyatt helps you avoid burnout through embracing self-care.

Mary is a life and business mindset coach who specializes in helping high achieving female entrepreneurs move from living a life of burnout to a life where they are connected to their emotions, their body, and their spirit. She helps bring her 1 on 1 and group coaching clients back to their enoughness, wholeness, and femininity, by embracing self-care.

Mary is also the host of the Living Fully Alive podcast that airs weekly where she dives deeper into mindset and helps her listeners learn to embody a life fully lived.

She’s also a Top Earner with doTERRA Essential Oils, helping teach women how to support their bodies and emotions holistically.

As a trained Hypnotherapist and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Mary brings a level of consciousness and soul-focused inner work to everything she does.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How Emily came to be a Life and Business Mindset Coach
  • Discussing Femininity on Emily’s podcast
  • Embracing self-care
  • Getting honest about what’s draining us
  • Learning how to recognize physical burnout
  • The importance of truth telling to yourself
  • Extending yourself compassion and tenderness
  • What self-care is and what it isn’t
  • Be wary of numbing and coping
  • How to begin engaging in self-care
  • An example of Emily’s transformational work
  • Emily’s definition of foxy
  • How to reclaim your foxiness through embodiment
  • Techniques to stay foxy 

Authenticity, Bravery, Connection – Michelle Kuei

Authenticity, Bravery, and Connection are what Michelle lives to teach.

Michelle Kuei is a certified confidence & leadership coach who helps leaders to upgrade the internal narratives and inspires them to fearlessly unleash true personal freedom in a fulfilling personal and professional life. By helping her clients redirect their fears, skillfully use their energy, and live with confidence and purpose, Michelle manifests happiness, authenticity, and personal freedom. Additionally, she co-creates with her clients to discover their inner strength and beauty. And, that enables them to be heard, seen, and known. 

Michelle is the author of the new memoir, Perfectly Normal-an immigrant’s story of making it in America, as well as the inspirational illustrated e-book, “Miss Little Musical.” She is a board member of the United Nations Association of the USA Pasadena Chapter, Clinical Pharmacist at USC’s Keck Medical Center and Associate at the Associated Patient Advocates. She is also a member of the National Speakers Association, Area Director of Toastmasters International at District 100. 

As the founder of Elevate Life Coaching, a seminar and coaching company, Michelle is also the host of the podcast “Perfectly Normal” and a weekly live Facebook show “Monday Coffee Talk.” (In case you’re curious, I’m on episode 48.) She’s an experienced professional speaker and highly requested guest to international podcast interviews. 

In her leisure time, Michelle travels the world, most recently to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where she volunteered as an English teacher at a nonprofit elementary school. She is also an avid hiker, photographer, and painter whose watercolors/oil paintings exhibited at the Beyond The Lines Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Michelle was born in Taiwan and grew up in New York, but today she lives in Los Angeles with a short-haired brown tabby cat named Buster. If you’re looking for her, the odds are good you’ll find her at the gym.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How Michelle became her own Life Coach
  • Michelle’s story of self-transformation
  • A razor blade and a question
  • Time to do something
  • Social Media for self-shame or self-inspiration
  • Authenticity, Bravery, and Connection
  • The power of a personal trainer
  • Machu Picchu
  • Only you can call upon the hero inside you
  • Michelle’s client’s transformation
  • Michelle’s vision of foxy

Connect with Michelle in the follow places: 

Website http://elevatelifecoaching.org

Instagram http://www.instagram.com/elevatelifecoach

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/lifecoachingbyelevate

Linkedin http://linkedin.com/in/michelle-kuei

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn1sZpJJvPUQ8YVfEujhkDw

The Cannabis Prescription – Colleen Higgins, R.Ph.

The Cannabis Prescription

Pharmacist Colleen Higgins talks to us about The Cannabis Prescription – how to use Medicinal Marijuana to reduce or replace pharmaceutical medications.

Colleen Higgins is a pharmacist, author of The Cannabis Prescription, and a speaker who helps translate the complex world of pharmaceutical and cannabis medicine into an accessible language for patients and caregivers.

Colleen is certified in Diabetes Management, Medication Therapy Management and as a Pain Management Specialty Pharmacist.

She has been helping patients understand how to get the most out of their medications for almost thirty years, first in various retail pharmacies, and most recently as a cannabis pharmacist in the medical marijuana program in Connecticut.

In March of 2020, Colleen completed her first book, The Cannabis Prescription: How to Use Medical Marijuana to Reduce or Replace Pharmaceutical Medications. She currently works at a medical cannabis dispensary where she consults with new patients on the proper way to medicate with cannabis in order to achieve the best results.

She created SwayInnovations.com, an educational website designed to translate cannabis science, in order to make it more accessible for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • The creation of Sway Innovations
  • The wrong way to use cannabis
  • Details from The Cannabis Prescription
  • The keys to finding success in cannabis usage
  • Various methods of delivery
  • Determining proper dosages and ratios of CBD and TCH
  • What is CBD
  • THC-A vs. THC
  • Properties of CBG and CBN
  • The line between recreational and medical cannabis use
  • Inhalation methods
  • The danger of cannabis concentrates 
  • Colleen’s definition of foxy
  • Who is foxy in Colleen’s world

Why I Do What I Do – Terry Fox, L.Ac

Terry Fox, L.Ac

Why I do what I do. I’m sharing it with you!

For today’s episode I chose to talk about why I do what I do as an Aesthetic Facial Acupuncturist. This is an inside look at where I’ve come from. It’s a bit raw but it’s my story.

If you’d like more information about why I do what I do, Aesthetic Acupuncture, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, go to ArtesianSpringOM.com.

As y’all know, I’m a one man circus when it comes to running and producing this podcast. I’m happy to talk about Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aesthetic Acupuncture, and other aspects of my work if you all want to hear more about it. Let me know how you feel about that. This is your show! If you’d like to hear me talk on more in-depth Traditional Chinese Medicine subjects or not, send your email to [email protected]

I didn’t make this podcast to be all about me. I want to bring you more resources than just myself. I am currently working to get more guests on the schedule. And it’ll happen soon. Coordinating everyone’s schedules can be like herding cats. But I’m doing my best. So stay tuned!

Your Microbiome Is Foxy – Jessica Wendling

Microbiome Expert Jessica Wendling

Your Microbiome Is Foxy! Clinical Nutritionist, Jessica Wendling tells us why.

Jessica Wendling is a Clinical Nutritionist at New-trition LLC in Windsor, CO. She has a deep passion for helping people on their health journey through functional nutrition counseling! She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Nutrition with a minor in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado and a Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College. One of Jessica’s foundational beliefs is that the body was created to be self-regulating and self-healing. She uses nutrition counseling to help her clients heal their relationship with food, address dysfunction in the body, and ultimately help her clients heal from the inside out by addressing the underlying cause of disease and repairing health through food and lifestyle modifications!

Ideas Covered in this Episode:

  • What is a Microbiome?
  • Is anti-bacterial a good thing?
  • The importance of diversity of bacteria in the Microbiome
  • Lactobacillus have positive effect on our skin and hair
  • Getting the right bacteria is important but so is feeding them
  • Processed foods are dead foods
  • How Jessica became a Clinical Nutritionist
  • How bacteria in your gut affects your brain
  • The downside of Antibiotics usage
  • How to rebalance your gut flora after using Antibiotics
  • Jessica’s definition of foxy
  • Reclaiming foxiness
  • Outstanding patient transformations
  • Number 1 thing to keep the Microbiome healthy

Want more info? Go to Jessica’s Facebook page.

Creating Confidence – Chrisa T.S.

Chrisa T.S.

Confidence is foxy. And Chrisa T.S. knows how to help you bring it out in yourself.

Chrisa Tzortzaki Stratoudakis, a.k.a. Chrisa T.S., assists her clients achieve increased motivation, confidence, creativity, productivity, stress relief and she helps them excel in public speaking.

A TEDx Speaker and a former Political Strategy Advisor, she has extensive experience working with high performing people in high pressure situations and she excels helping women deal with confidence related issues, stress management and public speaking on stage, in business and in life

Through her programs, workshops and retreats she guides her audience through powerful experiences that help them face their limiting beliefs, master a confident speaking mindset, have authentic communication, and gain even greater growth and fulfillment. 

Every Thursday, Chrisa hosts her own video show: The Chrisa Group Show, discussing personal development hot topics. Most nights, you’ll find Chrisa at home with a cup of herbal Cretan tea writing about life, love, business and everything else on her blog:

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Is a good girl actually a quiet one?
  • People can be curses or blessings in our lives
  • Chrisa’s definition of foxy
  • Who embodies foxy in Chrisa’s world
  • Helping women find their authentic voice
  • Having tea with the voices in your head
  • Connecting to the positive intention of your inner critic
  • Using journaling, hypnosis, and acupuncture 
  • Common questions about public speaking
  • Power Posing influences how you feel
  • A client transformation story
  • Qigong for stage presence
  • Chrisa’s daily practices for confidence
  • Chrisa’s number one recommendation on how to bolster confidence 

Transform Your Body & Mood Naturally – Olivia Rose Niedbala, L.Ac.

Olivia Rose Niedbala

Olivia Rose Niedbala knows the transformative power of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Olivia Rose Niedbala is a licensed acupuncturist, practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and an expert in the fields of holistic medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle optimization. After a making switch from studying Psychology to Acupuncture and TCM, Olivia transformed her mental and physical health. Using the tools she learned from her schooling and independent study, she reversed her diagnosis of metabolic syndrome. She transformed from obese to fit, and went from severely depressed to happy. And now Olivia’s passionate about spreading her wealth of knowledge to others experiencing similar situations. 

Below is the video that drew me to ask Olivia to be on the show:

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • The mind and body are one entity
  • Little steps in your daily life make the difference
  • Olivia’s low point
  • Transformation takes time
  • Your body wants to heal
  • Simple dietary steps Olivia took to create positive transformation
  • Eating meat isn’t necessarily a bad thing
  • A raw vegan diet may not be the best for you
  • Gut health impacts your mental health
  • Keto and Paleo may not be the best either
  • Smoothies can cause trouble for the digestive system
  • The moldy sponge metaphor
  • What does foxy mean to Olivia
  • Who embodies foxy
  • Common questions about Olivia’s work
  • The benefits of Acupuncture
  • The benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

To learn more about Olivia Rose Niedbala and her work, check out the following links:

Olivia’s Youtube Channel




Healthy Lifestyle Living – Dr. Orlena Kerek

Dr. Orlena Kerek - Healthy Lifestyle

Dr. Orlena knows a little something about helping others lead a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Orlena Kerek lives in Spain but hails from the UK. She used to work as a doctor for the NHS treating people who had nasty diseases – often the end result of a lifetime of not looking after themselves. Later she went into pediatrics. Now with the help of the internet, she’s helping people all over the world. She’s taught families to feed their kids a healthy diet (yep, including those picky eaters!). And currently, she teaches people to lead a healthy lifestyle, reducing their risk of “the nasties,” helping them lose weight and find their “thin me.” Her “message in life” is that we can lead a healthy life and avoid SO many diseases through diet and lifestyle. And that it can be easy and fun!

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Living a healthy lifestyle to help you feel fit and fabulous
  • Dr. Orlena’s podcast  – Fit And Fabulous
  • How Orlena chose to become a doctor
  • The difficulty Doctors have in teaching proper nutrition
  • Common questions women ask Dr. Orlena
  • Self-care is key
  • Orlena’s definition of foxy
  • Orlena’s ownership of her foxiness
  • Patient transformational story
  • The importance of sleep, relaxation, and mindfulness
  • How to experience Dr. Orlena’s coaching
  • One piece of advice on how to best care for yourself

You can find more of Dr. Orlena’s work at the following links:


The video class: https://www.drorlena.com/video_class

And her podcast: https://www.drorlena.com/blog?tag=podcast