Disfigurement Support – Karen Scuilli

Disfigurement Support

Disfigurement support – when you’re struggling, Face2Face Healing is here.

Karen Scuilli has spent 28 years as a nurse, a case manager and a clinical consultant.  Karen helped to develop the Case Management Program at The Washington Hospital (PA) in 1997 while completing her BSN and working in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit.  She was on the Case Management Task Force under the VP and Executive Director of Patient Care Services at The Washington Hospital in 1999.  In 2003 Karen moved to Highmark BCBS (health insurance provider) as case manager and became a Supervisor for National and Western Regional Conflicts Case Management  where she led a team of 60 employees in 2006.  Karen advanced to the position of Highmark Clinical Consultant in 2009 where she was responsible for analyzing large corporate accounts to establish plan-of-care solutions that improved large employer healthcare.  In addition to her clinical and administrative experience, Karen is a survivor, having gone through treatment for head and neck cancer in 2012, allowing her to understand from personal experience the needs of individuals with facial and other disfigurements.  She has a Masters in Nursing and Business focusing on Healthcare Administration. Ms. Scuilli is the Founder and Executive Director of Face2Face Healing,  which was formed to fill the gap in care for individuals living with disfigurement. 

Karen’s goal is to help empower individuals to rediscover their inner beauty and restore their confidence. Karen helps coordinate several support services for Face2Face Healing, including outreach, individual counseling, support groups, education, advocacy  and activity programs such as yoga and mindfulness meditation. She created an online site (face2facehealing.org/blog) for people to share experiences, connecting with others experiencing similar challenges. Karen uses her background as a nurse, case manager and clinical consultant, and her personal experiences as a head and neck cancer survivor, to effectively present educational seminars for healthcare professionals, educators, groups and the community. Karen’s volunteer advocacy work, through Face2FaceHealing, inspires and empowers other survivors, their families, healthcare professionals, and educators to come together in an innovative healing and supportive network. 

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Karen’s journey
  • What inspired Karen to start Face2Face Healing for disfigurement support
  • Dealing with adversity is not always a bad thing. 
  • How Karen finds her foxiness
  • What motivated Karen to keep going when things got difficult
  • Karen’s definition of foxy
  • The Welcome Basket Project for individuals living with disfigurement sponsored by Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation.
  • Embracing others with disfigurement 

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