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Can drinking tea make you feel foxy? Tea Expert, James Pham says it can!

James Pham is often found drinking tea. Why? He’s the EnlighTea Master living the life and business of his dreams. James is the CEO/Chairman of EnlighTea Café and their Chief Tea Franchise Developer. EnlighTea Café is the result of James vision to establish a chain of Tea Cafes, both online and offline, sharing healthy premium loose leaf teas as their authentic brand of Love, Light, and Luxury.

James started his career as a software developer, then business analyst and finally project management consultant for over seven years primarily at Fortune 500 companies. He’s also Real Estate Investor; President & Founding Member of Eastlake Business and Real Estate Network; Best Selling Co-Author of the book, INITIATIVE; and holds a 5th degree black belt in Kajukenbo Self Defense System.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How James became a Tea Expert
  • What is “Gong Fu”
  • How James finds such high quality tea
  • The 6 basic types of tea
  • The health benefits of drinking tea
  • The difference between the effect coffee and tea
  • What is “Umami”
  • How to properly prepare tea without “burning” it
  • Proper preparation creates better flavor
  • Tea Meditation
  • VIP Tea Parties and creating community around the world
  • How to get your Black Belt of tea
  • James’ 3 favorite teas
  • James’ definition of foxy
  • Appreciation, Intention, Delegation
  • Use code getfoxy2021 at EnlighTea.com checkout to get 10% off your purchases

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