Embracing Self-Care – Mary Hyatt

embracing self-care with Mary Hyatt

Mary Hyatt helps you avoid burnout through embracing self-care.

Mary is a life and business mindset coach who specializes in helping high achieving female entrepreneurs move from living a life of burnout to a life where they are connected to their emotions, their body, and their spirit. She helps bring her 1 on 1 and group coaching clients back to their enoughness, wholeness, and femininity, by embracing self-care.

Mary is also the host of the Living Fully Alive podcast that airs weekly where she dives deeper into mindset and helps her listeners learn to embody a life fully lived.

She’s also a Top Earner with doTERRA Essential Oils, helping teach women how to support their bodies and emotions holistically.

As a trained Hypnotherapist and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Mary brings a level of consciousness and soul-focused inner work to everything she does.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How Emily came to be a Life and Business Mindset Coach
  • Discussing Femininity on Emily’s podcast
  • Embracing self-care
  • Getting honest about what’s draining us
  • Learning how to recognize physical burnout
  • The importance of truth telling to yourself
  • Extending yourself compassion and tenderness
  • What self-care is and what it isn’t
  • Be wary of numbing and coping
  • How to begin engaging in self-care
  • An example of Emily’s transformational work
  • Emily’s definition of foxy
  • How to reclaim your foxiness through embodiment
  • Techniques to stay foxy 

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