EMF & Developing Awareness – R Blank


EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequency) is an issue that many are unfamiliar with. But not our guest, R Blank.

An expert on ElectroMagnetic Frequency, R Blank is the CEO of Shield Your Body, whose mission it is to Make Technology Safer. With hundreds of thousands of customers in over 30 countries, and having been interviewed on platforms ranging from ABC television to ElectricSense, R is an internationally followed expert on issues of EMF, health and safety. He was inspired to create SYB when he co-authored the best-selling book, ‘Overpowered’, with his father, Dr. Martin Blank, one of the world’s leading EMF scientists. He has degrees from Columbia University and UCLA.

EMFs are extremely commonplace in our society and modern world. However, few of us really know much about them, much less have an in-depth understanding about them. This is why I wanted to R Blank as a guest on this show. EMFs can be a contributing factor in many of today’s most common diseases.

Ideas Covered in this Episode:

  • What is EMF?
  • ElectroMagnetic Frequency is not a conspiracy theory, it’s a toxin.
  • Radiation from your iPhone is an issue
  • How we go about reducing EMF exposure
  • Turn off your Wifi at night
  • Don’t buy “smart” appliances you don’t really need
  • Maximize your distance
  • The goal is not to eliminate but reduce your exposure
  • Shield Your Body products are a second line of defense
  • R’s thoughts on stones for protection against EMFs
  • ShieldYourBody.com/getfoxy
  • R’s definition of foxy

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