Ep. #34 – KellyAnne Zielinski – Self Leadership Global

Self Leadership with KellyAnne Zielinski

Self Awareness through Self Leadership

KellyAnne Zielinski is the CEO of Self Leadership Global, as well as an author, entrepreneurial mentor, and former schoolteacher. She and her do-gooding team are the catalysts for entrepreneurs making a difference in the world through their Self Leadership. Her purpose is to inspire, educate and empower individuals to collaborate and work harmoniously towards a greater cause for mankind, as well as to simplify the business of building businesses.

KellyAnne preaches that when an entrepreneur becomes empowered, they tap into their full potential, connect with others on a deeper, more heart-centered level, and become more magnetic to all things great. It’s THEN that they create lives of influence and freedom to not only self serve, but serve the WORLD in a great way.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • What is Self Leadership
  • Books to help you expand into your worthiness
  • Chasing = neediness
  • Self-correction and changing your vision is ok
  • You don’t really know if what you want is truly what you want until you try it
  • Clarity of vision is key
  • Everything shifts when you genuinely feel your self-worth
  • More self-awareness = more results
  • Power vs. Force and how it affects your belief systems
  • Staying in alignment with your deepest truth
  • KellyAnne’s favorite travel spots

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