Ep. #36 – Otakara Klettke – Hear Your Body Whisper

Otakara Klettke - Hear Your Body Whisper

Otakara Klettke – Hear Your Body Whisper

Otakara Klettke is an international bestselling author of Hear Your Body Whisper; How to Unlock Your Self-Healing Mechanism, and children’s book series Detective Bella Unleashed.

She is passionate about anything from nature, whether it’s a human, animal, or the whole universe.She is an avid supporter of eco-friendly life and education, fascinated by scientific studies and what they come up with, and an incurable traveler.

Currently, she lives on a ranch with her husband and daughter by the beautiful Cascade Range in Oregon raising too many pets and taking every chance to go on road trips with her homeschooled daughter.

Otakara’s book, Hear Your Body Whisper, is a great tool for you to learn how to tune in to your “inner fox.”


Ideas covered in this episode

  • What does it mean to “hear your body whisper?”
  • The importance of listening to your body
  • Reconnecting to your inner roots
  • The importance of editors when writing a book
  • The importance of checking in with your own body
  • How to unlock your own capacity for self-healing
  • Treating your body like a farm
  • Giving unconditional love and leadership for your microbiome
  • Otakara’s definition of foxy
  • Book publishing

Click here to find and purchase Otakara’s books.

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