Ep. #37 Lyena Strelkoff – The Shero’s Way

Lyena Strelkoff - The Shero's Way

Lyena Strelkoff knows foxy!

Lyena Strelkoff is a transformation coach, storyteller, and speaker passionately dedicated to elevating the way humans respond to change, challenge, and adversity. When a hiking accident left her paralyzed at the age of 33, this lifelong dancer was surprised to see her so-called tragedy improving every aspect of her life, from her mental health to her personal relationships to her career. Inspired by this shocking — and nearly immediate —  metamorphosis, she developed The Shero’s Way™, a systematic, feminized approach to adversity that turns challenges into the catalysts that catapult us upward.

Lyena holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development, coaches women nationwide, and leads private retreats and workshops. She’s a contributing essayist to the popular book Dancing at the Shame Prom and the subject of an award-winning short documentary. She’s also a critically-acclaimed storyteller whose autobiographical one-woman show, “Caterpillar Soup” has enjoyed five national tours and an honor by VSA Arts, an affiliate of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Lyena has appeared with Jane Fonda, Marisa Tomei, and Rosario Dawson among others, and has been featured in newspapers across the country including the Los Angeles Times, heard on National Public Radio and numerous podcasts including The Get Foxy Show.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • What is Caterpillar Soup
  • How we lift each other up
  • What is The Shero’s Way
  • Is The Shero’s Way primarily for women?
  • Slaying the Dragon vs. Dancing with the Dragon
  • How TCM helped Lyena
  • What is foxy
  • Who is foxy
  • Lyena’s one piece of advice on how to stay foxy
  • Command vs. Control

Be sure to take Lyena on her free gift to you: Death by Positivity.  (Just scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the directions!)

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