Ep. #40 – Dr. Jeffrey Gurian – Healing Your Heart

Jeffrey Gurian Heal Your Heart by Changing Your Mind

Healing Your Heart by Changing Your Mind

A retired Cosmetic Dentist and a former Assoc. Clinical Prof. at NYU in the Oral Medicine/Oro-Facial Pain Department, Dr. Jeffrey L. Gurian is often described as a “Renaissance” man! His 5thand newest book, called “Healing Your Heart By Changing Your Mind- A Spiritual and Humorous Approach To Achieving Happiness” recently hit Best Seller status on Amazon.

Dr. Gurian is also a nationally known comedy writer/comic/producer/author and the host of Comedy Matters TV, an internet channel with over 500 interviews he’s done with A-listers like Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Handler, Bob Saget, Trevor Noah, Jim Carrey, Susie Essman, D.L. Hughley, Lisa Lampanelli and so many more.

He’s written for legendary comedians like Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, Jerry Lewis, Phil Hartman, Richard Belzer, Andrew “Dice” Clay, and Gilbert Gottfried, and has performed stand-up in all the major clubs in NYC and L.A.

In this book, Jeffrey teaches us how to look at life with a humorous perspective,

as he’s done to overcome many obstacles in his own life which he openly shares with the reader, such as conquering a severe stutter by developing a cure for Stuttering which he used on himself.

He teaches us how to release the “heart wounds” we all carry, that we’ve been collecting since childhood, caused by painful events in our lives whether it’s bullying, someone lying to us, breaking a promise, breaking up with us, or hurting us in some way.

One of the main tenets of the book is “ You can not change your past.  The only thing you can change is your PERSPECTIVE of your past.”


Ideas covered in this episode:

  • The importance of the Serenity Prayer
  • How you feel about yourself is important. Outside validation doesn’t matter.
  • Examining your thoughts with objectivity
  • What a heart wound is.
  • Changing your perspective of the past
  • There’s nothing wrong with being sensitive
  • Resentment is like taking poison
  • Jeffrey’s definition of foxy
  • Jeffrey’s commentary on Terry’s beard
  • Having the courage to be different and interesting
  • What is an interabang
  • Creating your “happiness center”

Click here to get your copy of Healing Your Heart by Changing Your Mind.

Click here to check out ComedyMattersTV.com

Enjoy Jeffrey’s appearance on Too Much Tuna.

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