Ep. #41 – Terry Fox – Botox® or Aesthetic Acupuncture?

Terry Fox, L.Ac

Botox® or Aesthetic Acupuncture?

I’m Terry Fox, host of The Get Foxy Show and founder of Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine.

In 1997, my mom was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Because of this, I became a Massage Therapist and ultimately an Acupuncturist / Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

I found I enjoyed helping other women as much as I did my own mom.

When I was 10, I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy – a condition where one side of the face becomes paralyzed. So, I totally relate to being unhappy with what you see in the mirror. And that’s why I love offering Aesthetic and Facial Acupuncture to my patients.  Not only do I help them get healthier, I help them love that person reflected in their mirror.

For today’s episode, I decided that I would alert you all to the fact that Allergan, the maker of Botox®, is ramping up it’s vast marketing machine to target you and your younger friends. They want you hooked on their toxic products just like the tobacco companies want young people to smoke.

But there’s a healthy alternative that works with your body’s innate capacity to heal and rejuvenate itself – Aesthetic/Cosmetic/Facial Acupuncture.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • What Botox® is and how it works
  • How wrinkles and lines are formed
  • The sad case of Belinda Hale
  • How does Botox® effect you in the longterm
  • The physical and mental/emotional side effects of Botox
  • How Botox® stifles empathy, emotion, and communication
  • You are here as a perfectly imperfect being
  • It’s ok for you to be you
  • Botox® or Aesthetic Acupuncture
  • What can Traditional Chinese Medicine do to help you look younger
  • Is Aesthetic Acupuncture a magic eraser
  • How Aesthetic Acupuncture addresses the emotional component of lines/wrinkles
  • Aesthetic Acupuncture works with your body instead of against it
  • Friends don’t let friends do Botox®

Articles on how Botox® can inhibit muscles associated with positive emotions. Or simply dampen one’s emotional experience in general:








Post Script: October 2018 – A study from the United Kingdom shows that Botox® injections can inhibit women’s orgasm and enjoyment of them. So, if you want to have better sex, back away from the Botox®.

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