Ep. #42 – Cheryl Guidry – Safe Dating Over 50

Cheryl Guidry

If you’re over 50, Cheryl Guidry will help you get your foxy on!

Cheryl Guidry has been a Woman’s Health expert and advocate for over 30 years.  Working with hundreds of women she’s developed a keen understanding of the plight of women as it relates to their reproductive health, as they reenter new relationships, or as they despair because they have experienced health crises due to leaping head first into a new relationship.

She’s become a mentor for women over 50 who are divorced, single by choice, or widowed, that are seeking healthy, safe and authentic relationships but aren’t sure how to navigate because it has been too many years since they have dated. Or they have been burned to many times. Or desire to date without jeopardizing their heart and their health.

Through storytelling and working 1 on 1 Cheryl helps her clients develop a no fail plan to reentering the dating scene, increasing the probability of finding the relationship they seek on their terms, minus the games. And in the process, they develop new sense of self as related to dating.

Cheryl lives in Long Beach where she lives with the man of her dreams, they have a blended family of 6 adult children that includes 2 sets of twins, 7 grandchildren  and grand-dogs Nova and Myles.


Ideas covered in this episode:

  • You can date at any age and have an authentic relationship
  • Differences between dating then and now
  • What “foxy” means to Cheryl
  • How to reclaim your foxiness in order to attract your ideal man
  • Developing a loving relationship with yourself prior to dating
  • The 3 T’s – your Truth, your Terms, and your Time
  • Client transformations
  • As long as you have breath in your body and you’re sexually active, you risk an STD
  • Talking frankly about relationship expectations, sex, and condom usage
  • Roleplaying tough conversations
  • Who embodies foxy
  • Growing through adversity
  • The importance of journaling
  • Fall in love with yourself again

Learn more about Cheryl and her coaching programs at SafeDatingOver50.com

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