Ep. #43 – Kristin Winter – VitaJuwel

Kristin Winter - VitaJuwel

Kristin Winter of VitaJuwel knows gem water is foxy!

Kristin Winter is the sales director for VitaJuwel’s USA division. She relocated from Canada 7 months ago to work with the company. While in Canada, Kristin used VitaJuwel products. Because she loved them so much, when the opportunity arose to work with the company, it was an opportunity that she couldn’t turn down.

She has a background in Architectural and Interior Design along with years of experience in Sales. Kristin grew up figure skating and in her 20’s toured the world in various different professional ice shows. Additionally, she has a passion for people and is very happy to talk about the benefits of drinking gemwater.

VitaJuwel was created in the German Alpes over 10 years ago and is more hygienic, safe and sustainable way to enjoy gemwater. VitaJuwel has 6 different products, 12 different gemstone blends and touches 80 countries worldwide.

A functional work of art that helps keep you hydrated.

VitaJuwel Via plus Era


Now, I’m not one to get all “new-agey” about crystals, stones, and minerals. In this episode I mention Taoist Stone Medicine. This is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine taught by Dr. Jeffrey Yuen. It works on the same principles on which Chinese Herbal Medicine is based. This is something I’m putting to use in my own clinic. If you’d like to learn more about this work, I recommend you get a copy of Stone Medicine by Leslie J. Franks. (You can also hear more in Ep. #21  with Teal Chimbolo-Fyrberg who is a student of Dr. Yuen.)

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Gem Water’s qualities compared to tap water
  • The practice of creating gemstone infused water
  • The history of VitaJuwel
  • The taste of Gem Water
  • Gem Water isn’t just for people. Also, it helps pets.
  • Benefits of VitaJuwel water
  • VitaJuwel Client stories
  • How VitaJuwel acts upon the structure of water
  • What is foxy
  • How to reclaim your foxiness when you get sidetracked
  • How to stay foxy
  • Faith it ‘til you make it
  • Kristin’s challenge to you – get comfortable receiving and accepting compliments

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