Happiness Now – Sonia Weyers

Happiness Now - Sonia Weyers

Foxiness and Happiness go hand in hand. Sonia knows a bit about both!

Sonia Weyers is a woman on a journey. She’s a mother of four.  And she’s passionate about the search for happiness. In her own life, she’s explored numerous paths in her personal quest for meaning. Sonia’s committed herself to a permanent search for the best drivers of personal growth.  And now she’s putting her expertise at the service of her clients. 

She has a PhD from Stanford Business School and an Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change, as well as a European Certificate for Psychotherapy. And, she’s the author of Happiness Now – A Guided Journey

Sonia holds a holistic outlook on being human and she emphasizes the relational nature of our lives. Her mission is to lead people to cultivate self-fulfillment by discovering their keys to a happy life whether at work or at home.

In all her activities, she’ll guide you towards more happiness. In her group workshops, she’ll lead you to discover and cultivate your aptitude for happiness. Her personalized coaching and therapy will help you to resolve your difficulties rooted in the past and to realize your objectives for a brighter future. And her conferences and publications will open you to the possibility of improving your experience of your own life and invite you to get moving. 

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • What Happiness is, according to Sonia
  • What prompted Sonia to write her book
  • The impact of Sonia’s mother on her own happiness
  • Does forgiveness play a part in Happiness
  • Processes to release emotional weight
  • “It’s not about them. It’s about me.”
  • Feel your feelings
  • Therapy provides a safe space for feeling your feelings
  • Daily practices for happiness now
  • An emergency stress busting exercise (Youtube link at time mark)
  • The importance of self-introspection and sleep
  • Sonia’s definition of foxy
  • The importance of exercise
  • Self-care versus self-indulgence

Find out more by going to Sonia’s website: www.eudokima.com/en

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