Leakproof Underwear – Dr. Jessica Lubhan

Leakproof Underwear

Dr. Jessica Lubhan has created a leakproof underwear that you’ll actually enjoy wearing!

Jessica Lubahn, MD is a medical doctor, specializing in urology. She’s a health writer and consultant. Additionally, she’s the founder of ONDRwear (ondrwear.com) which are luxe leakproof underwear, whose mission is to destigmatize urinary, menstrual and any other leakage by creating products both highly effective and beautiful.

1 in 3 women over the age of 50 have incontinence issues

Dr. Jessican Lubhan, MD

Incontinence is a very common issue among women. And yet, it’s still somewhat taboo to talk about it. Yes, it’s embarrassing. Yes, it’s not the most comfortable topic. But, we’re here to serve women and help them feel more confident. And so, despite that taboo, we’re going to talk about leakage and incontinence here on The Get Foxy Show. Because, when you’re feeling confident, it shines through. And that, dear friends, is foxy!

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • What is Urology
  • How Jessica became a Urologist
  • Most common conditions Jessica sees in her clinic
  • 1 in 3 Women have issues with incontinence
  • The creation of Ondrwear
  • Taking away the embarrassment and stigma
  • The 2 most common causes of incontinence
  • Ondrwear is leakproof underwear that looks great 
  • Situations where Ondrwear can be useful
  • How an MD developed a textile underwear product
  • Jessica‚Äôs definition of foxy

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