Losing Weight with Wavelength – Sarah Stites

Wavelength Weight Loss - Sarah Stites

Losing weight with the help of Wavelength means personalized nutrition combined with the power of mental health tools. Now that’s foxy!

Sarah Stites is the co-founder and CEO of Wavelength, a modern program for healthy eating combin personalized nutrition with mental health tools for losing weight.

She knows first-hand the shame that comes with eating and weight-related issues. She was diagnosed with PCOS and prediabetes as a teen, gaining 100lbs in a year. While diet programs relied on guilt and body shame, her mom (a PhD with a Masters degree in Nutrition Science) helped her take a more compassionate approach. By using principles from Behavioral Neuroscience, Addiction Therapy, Nutrition, and Mindfulness, Sarah was able to understand the root cause of her habits, reverse her prediabetes, and lose 150lbs. That was over ten years ago.

Now, Sarah leads the Wavelength team to scale her mom’s holistic solution to millions of people. She’s a fierce advocate for “more science, less blame.” And she teaches pleasure as an important part of health. Sarah believes it’s time to move beyond the concept of body perfection. Instead, it’s time to start focusing on helping people have a better time in their bodies.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How did Sarah got into her expertise
  • The Mind/Body is one system
  • The importance of Gut Health
  • “Intuitive” Eating
  • Having a better experience in your body
  • Understanding a person’s personal priorities in relationship to food  
  • Better understanding of yourself to change your patterns for weight loss
  • No shame. Feeling in control
  • Sarah’s definition of foxy
  • Reclaiming foxiness fast by going slow
  • Checking in with your basic needs
  • Who’s foxy in Sarah’s world
  • Stepping out of the shame cycle

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