Ep. #40 – Dr. Jeffrey Gurian – Healing Your Heart

Jeffrey Gurian Heal Your Heart by Changing Your Mind

Healing Your Heart by Changing Your Mind

A retired Cosmetic Dentist and a former Assoc. Clinical Prof. at NYU in the Oral Medicine/Oro-Facial Pain Department, Dr. Jeffrey L. Gurian is often described as a “Renaissance” man! His 5thand newest book, called “Healing Your Heart By Changing Your Mind- A Spiritual and Humorous Approach To Achieving Happiness” recently hit Best Seller status on Amazon.

Dr. Gurian is also a nationally known comedy writer/comic/producer/author and the host of Comedy Matters TV, an internet channel with over 500 interviews he’s done with A-listers like Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Handler, Bob Saget, Trevor Noah, Jim Carrey, Susie Essman, D.L. Hughley, Lisa Lampanelli and so many more.

He’s written for legendary comedians like Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, Jerry Lewis, Phil Hartman, Richard Belzer, Andrew “Dice” Clay, and Gilbert Gottfried, and has performed stand-up in all the major clubs in NYC and L.A.

In this book, Jeffrey teaches us how to look at life with a humorous perspective,

as he’s done to overcome many obstacles in his own life which he openly shares with the reader, such as conquering a severe stutter by developing a cure for Stuttering which he used on himself.

He teaches us how to release the “heart wounds” we all carry, that we’ve been collecting since childhood, caused by painful events in our lives whether it’s bullying, someone lying to us, breaking a promise, breaking up with us, or hurting us in some way.

One of the main tenets of the book is “ You can not change your past.  The only thing you can change is your PERSPECTIVE of your past.”


Ideas covered in this episode:

  • The importance of the Serenity Prayer
  • How you feel about yourself is important. Outside validation doesn’t matter.
  • Examining your thoughts with objectivity
  • What a heart wound is.
  • Changing your perspective of the past
  • There’s nothing wrong with being sensitive
  • Resentment is like taking poison
  • Jeffrey’s definition of foxy
  • Jeffrey’s commentary on Terry’s beard
  • Having the courage to be different and interesting
  • What is an interabang
  • Creating your “happiness center”

Click here to get your copy of Healing Your Heart by Changing Your Mind.

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Enjoy Jeffrey’s appearance on Too Much Tuna.

Ep. #39 – Phylecia Jones – Ask the Budgetologist

Phylecia Jones

Mrs. Jones knows budgeting can get you foxy!

As the creator of Keep Up with Mrs. Jones LLC, and Host of the daily morning show Ask the Budgetologist, Phylecia Jones is the savvy go-to budgeting nerd, international speaker and trainer. After serving as a civilian Scientist and Engineer for the US Navy, Phylecia launched her skills into changing the world one budget-at-a-time and is now opening the door for many solo entrepreneur coaches and consultants to have that must needed wake-up call to get serious about managing money. Since being a money nerd is not enough, Phylecia’s life has included traveling the world, being a professional cheerleader, 100hrs towards being a yacht captain… and achieving an eclectic list of random cool things!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Phylecia for several years now. And I’ve had the privilege of going through her Budget School. Frankly, Phylecia is my kind of friend – down to earth, no nonsense, and purely authentic. She’s a fantastic teacher, and I totally recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving their relationship with money. She will help you alleviate your money anxiety so that you can be fun, foxy, and free!

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Phylecia’s ideas on foxy
  • The relationship between money and foxiness
  • Clearing shame about money
  • Have a CFO day
  • Get yourself out of the way of your financial decisions
  • How to get started with budgeting
  • Facing money fears
  • Setting your priorities
  • You can’t afford to ignore your numbers
  • The third person in your relationship
  • Reframing debt
  • Staying in confidence even when you don’t feel it
  • Create a list of the 15 coolest things you’ve done in life
  • The cool stuff jar
  • Who embodies foxy in Phylecia’s world
  • How to stay foxy

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Ep. #38 – Allana Pratt – Into Me I See

Allana Pratt - Soul Shaking Intimacy

Allana says Intimacy = Into Me I See

Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt inspires her clients to be unapologetically true to themselves, to their love-lives and to their businesses. Featured on CBS, Fox and the Huffington Post, this cum laude graduate of Columbia is the author of 4 books, Coach to celebrities such as Leeza Gibbons when she was in Dancing with the Stars and the Host of the sexy empowering show, “Intimate Conversations” interviewing guests such as Alanis Morissette, Dr. Christiane Northrup and Gy & Katie Hendricks.

She also produces and hosts her own extremely successful podcast: Intimate Conversations Live with Allana Pratt. (I had the pleasure of being a guest on her show.)

By popular demand, Allana has graced us by being our first return guest on The Get Foxy Show.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Foxiness and vulnerability
  • Being a coach, you need a coach
  • Forgiving the Shadow Masculine
  • Intimacy = Into Me I See
  • “Sitting in the Fire” for personal growth and intimacy
  • The benefits of Allowance and Curiosity
  • Challenging people can actually be your Teachers
  • Changing yourself changes your story
  • What you resist persists
  • 7 Steps to Manifest Your Beloved while staying true to yourself
  • Staying open to your Divine Nature

Be sure to check out Allana’s new book: Chapter 1 of the 7 steps to Manifest Your Beloved

And her free trainings:

For women: Vulnerability is the New Sexy

For men: Be a Noble Badass

Ep. #37 Lyena Strelkoff – The Shero’s Way

Lyena Strelkoff - The Shero's Way

Lyena Strelkoff knows foxy!

Lyena Strelkoff is a transformation coach, storyteller, and speaker passionately dedicated to elevating the way humans respond to change, challenge, and adversity. When a hiking accident left her paralyzed at the age of 33, this lifelong dancer was surprised to see her so-called tragedy improving every aspect of her life, from her mental health to her personal relationships to her career. Inspired by this shocking — and nearly immediate —  metamorphosis, she developed The Shero’s Way™, a systematic, feminized approach to adversity that turns challenges into the catalysts that catapult us upward.

Lyena holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development, coaches women nationwide, and leads private retreats and workshops. She’s a contributing essayist to the popular book Dancing at the Shame Prom and the subject of an award-winning short documentary. She’s also a critically-acclaimed storyteller whose autobiographical one-woman show, “Caterpillar Soup” has enjoyed five national tours and an honor by VSA Arts, an affiliate of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Lyena has appeared with Jane Fonda, Marisa Tomei, and Rosario Dawson among others, and has been featured in newspapers across the country including the Los Angeles Times, heard on National Public Radio and numerous podcasts including The Get Foxy Show.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • What is Caterpillar Soup
  • How we lift each other up
  • What is The Shero’s Way
  • Is The Shero’s Way primarily for women?
  • Slaying the Dragon vs. Dancing with the Dragon
  • How TCM helped Lyena
  • What is foxy
  • Who is foxy
  • Lyena’s one piece of advice on how to stay foxy
  • Command vs. Control

Be sure to take Lyena on her free gift to you: Death by Positivity.  (Just scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the directions!)

Ep. #36 – Otakara Klettke – Hear Your Body Whisper

Otakara Klettke - Hear Your Body Whisper

Otakara Klettke – Hear Your Body Whisper

Otakara Klettke is an international bestselling author of Hear Your Body Whisper; How to Unlock Your Self-Healing Mechanism, and children’s book series Detective Bella Unleashed.

She is passionate about anything from nature, whether it’s a human, animal, or the whole universe.She is an avid supporter of eco-friendly life and education, fascinated by scientific studies and what they come up with, and an incurable traveler.

Currently, she lives on a ranch with her husband and daughter by the beautiful Cascade Range in Oregon raising too many pets and taking every chance to go on road trips with her homeschooled daughter.

Otakara’s book, Hear Your Body Whisper, is a great tool for you to learn how to tune in to your “inner fox.”


Ideas covered in this episode

  • What does it mean to “hear your body whisper?”
  • The importance of listening to your body
  • Reconnecting to your inner roots
  • The importance of editors when writing a book
  • The importance of checking in with your own body
  • How to unlock your own capacity for self-healing
  • Treating your body like a farm
  • Giving unconditional love and leadership for your microbiome
  • Otakara’s definition of foxy
  • Book publishing

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Ep. #35 – Terry Fox – Find a Qualified Acupuncturist

Terry Fox, L.Ac

Find a Qualified Acupuncturist

Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Aesthetic Acupuncture Specialist, Terry Fox, is Northern Colorado’s leading expert in helping Women feel better and look younger through Aesthetic and Facial Acupuncture. Today he shares with us how to find a qualified Acupuncturist.

When he was 17, Terry’s mother was diagnosed with a chronic and painful autoimmune disease – fibromyalgia. Inspired to relieve her pain, Terry was led to the Utah College of Massage Therapy. Once graduated, he helped create the first hospital-based Massage Therapy program in the state of Wyoming. Four years after, Terry progressed into Acupuncture. In only three years, he earned his Master’s Degree from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2006, he founded Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine in Fort Collins, Colorado. Terry also has served as Secretary for the Acupuncture Association of Colorado, and was voted Best Acupuncturist 2015 and 2016 according to The Experience Pros radio show.

Many of Terry’s teachers are internationally known masters of Cosmetic Acupuncture and Classical Chinese Medicine – Ron Rosen, Denise Ellinger, Martha Lucas, Wudang Chen, Dr. Ping Zhang, and Mary Elizabeth Wakefield. Terry’s focus is helping women feel and look their natural best through Aesthetic Acupuncture. And because of this he also started his podcast – The Get Foxy Show, where he talks with experts in Holistic Health, Natural Beauty, and Passionate Living.

I lead and inspire women to reconnect with their own innate healing capacity, return to their authentic self, and revive their radiant joy for living. I believe each patient is a precious child of God and should be treated accordingly. I’m passionate about helping women manifest their own inherent beauty by fostering their health and wellbeing. I’ve been described as “knowledgeable, caring, and professional,” and I strive continually to live up to that description.

Terry doesn’t just treat “skin deep,” he sees deeper and works on a holistic level. Women come to him for his expertise. They trust him because of his gentle nature and keen intuition. But, they love him because his heart is wholly connected to their betterment.

Steps to find a Qualified Acupuncturist

Start with word of mouth. Ask people you trust if they’ve seen someone that’s gotten them results.

If no one you know can recommend someone, then searching online is your next best bet.

Before you start talking to potential Acupuncturists, determine your intentions and goals regarding the treatment. Then convey that information and get a feel for whether the acupuncturist will support your goals.

Ask potential Acupuncturists about what you can expect from a session, their training, general experience, and their specific experience treating your condition.

As with any health care provider, an Acupuncturist should be able to answer these questions to your satisfaction. But please follow your gut feelings. In addition to the specific answers you get from your questions, consider your instincts. Did you feel comfortable about your interaction with this Acupuncturist? Did anything about them rub you the wrong way? Always, always listen to your gut. When something puts you off about the practitioner, don’t work with them.

If your state requires licensing, make sure the Acupuncturist is properly licensed. If licensing isn’t required, look for someone certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (Dipl. O.M.) or Diplomate of Acupuncture (Dipl. Ac.).

Common Questions covered in this episode:

  • What’s this Qi stuff?
  • Isn’t this all a placebo?
  • Does it hurt?
  • Does my practitioner have to be Asian to be any good?
  • Styles of Acupuncture?
  • What about Dr.’s, Chiro’s, and PT’s?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Does insurance cover it?
  • How many treatments will I need?
  • Difference between a community clinic and a private clinic?
  • What’s that funky pot smell?


Online directories:

NCCAOM: http://www.nccaom.org/find-a-nccaom-certified-practitioner

Acufinder.com: https://www.acufinder.com/

TryAcupuncture.org: https://tryacupuncture.org/acupuncturists/


State Associations

List of State Associations: https://www.acufinder.com/Acupuncture+Associations

The brand new Wyoming Association: http://www.wyoas.org/find-a-practitioner.html

Ep. #34 – KellyAnne Zielinski – Self Leadership Global

Self Leadership with KellyAnne Zielinski

Self Awareness through Self Leadership

KellyAnne Zielinski is the CEO of Self Leadership Global, as well as an author, entrepreneurial mentor, and former schoolteacher. She and her do-gooding team are the catalysts for entrepreneurs making a difference in the world through their Self Leadership. Her purpose is to inspire, educate and empower individuals to collaborate and work harmoniously towards a greater cause for mankind, as well as to simplify the business of building businesses.

KellyAnne preaches that when an entrepreneur becomes empowered, they tap into their full potential, connect with others on a deeper, more heart-centered level, and become more magnetic to all things great. It’s THEN that they create lives of influence and freedom to not only self serve, but serve the WORLD in a great way.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • What is Self Leadership
  • Books to help you expand into your worthiness
  • Chasing = neediness
  • Self-correction and changing your vision is ok
  • You don’t really know if what you want is truly what you want until you try it
  • Clarity of vision is key
  • Everything shifts when you genuinely feel your self-worth
  • More self-awareness = more results
  • Power vs. Force and how it affects your belief systems
  • Staying in alignment with your deepest truth
  • KellyAnne’s favorite travel spots

Special offer: Contact KellyAnne for a Free 30 Minute Discovery Session to see how Self Leadership Global might help you

Ep. #33 – Lise Ode – Mom Loves Baking

Lise Ode - Mom Loves Baking

MomLovesBaking.com’s Lise Ode is helping us get foxy in the kitchen!

Lise Ode is the author of the popular food blog, Mom Loves Baking.  She loves creating sweet treats, taking lots of pictures and sharing the step-by-step photos and videos on her website as well as her social channels, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.  She’s talks with us about how she turned her hobby into a work from home job that pays the bills (or at least some of them).

She’s a self-taught baker with a passion in baking since childhood.  She worked as a graphic artist for 15 years before starting a cake business in 2007.  Lise excels at making elaborate wedding cakes and creative party cakes in the Ace of Cakes style, like a camera, a car, guitar, etc. In 2013, she was selected as a finalist in the Pillsbury Bake-Off.  Unfortunally she didn’t win the bake off, but that’s when her husband suggested she start a food blog. MomLovesBaking.com has grown up to 250K monthly page views all from sharing her love for baking with the world.

And now Lise shares with us here on The Get Foxy Show!

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Every job you hold teaches you a lesson you can apply later in life
  • How hair extensions help her feel foxy
  • What books can help you get foxy
  • How staying stylish can help you expand your repertoire
  • How watching Netflix shows can help you find fashion ideas when you’ve been out of the game
  • Having chocolate (stevia sweetened) every day
  • Skinny and low-carb recipes that taste amazing
  • Dancing is a great way to get feeling cute and sexy
  • Who embodies foxiness in Lise’s world

Lise has graciously shared some of her scrumptious “skinny” recipes with us. Just click on the photo to get the recipe! Thanks Lise!

Easy Peanut Butter Cups
Silver Dollar Pancakes
Ham and Egg Cups
Banana Split with Nice Cream
Mexican Pizza (Low Carb)
Skinny Blueberry Cheesecake Bars

Ep. #32 – Lisa Avery – The Power of Positive Psychology

Lisa Avery - Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is so much more than just looking on the bright side!

As a Positive Psychologist, Coach and Writer, Lisa Avery helps individuals connect with the unique passion and purpose that drives their personal and professional success. She’s fascinated by what propels a person to pursue their vocation, entwining their innate strengths, values and interests to serve both themselves and the rest of the world. Additionally, she fuses the art of Coaching with the science of Positive Psychology to help individuals gain the clarity, confidence and courage to become all they aspire to be.

Lisa is such a bright spirit! And, her lovely British accent just shines in this interview.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • The difference of Traditional Psychology vs. Positive Psychology
  • Learning how to align with your authentic self
  • Negative Emotions are a real and necessary part of life
  • Processing negative emotions
  • Emotions = Energy In Motion
  • Cultivating a deeper sense of Happiness
  • The Thoughts – Emotions – Behavior Cycle
  • Not every thought you think is reality
  • How you talk to yourself creates your identity
  • Every positive emotion we experience opens us to more positivity
  • Foxiness = getting “naked” with yourself
  • P.E.R.M.A.

If you’d like to learn more about Lisa and her work click here: WorkIsVocation.com

Ep. #31 – Amy Lyle – Fail and Succeed

Amy Lyle - Fail and Succeed

Amy Lyle demonstrates we can Fail and Succeed.

Studies show that more woman than ever feel like they don’t fit in. The sanitized, filtered Social Media posts of people’s best selves can be intimidating. No one dares share their imperfections and failures. Or do they?

Enter Amy Lyle, a comedian/screenwriter and author in Atlanta who has taken a whole different approach. After being rejected by a Hollywood attorney, she wrote an entire book about her FAILURES! Subsequently, she shares her most mortifying moments- from getting divorced to pooping her pants.

Listening to this episode of The Get Foxy Show will make us all feel a lot better about ourselves. Thanks Amy! We can Fail and Succeed!

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Comedy can bring you through tough times
  • Lifting others up can lift yourself up
  • Your failures can endear you to others
  • Genuine Authenticity
  • Dealing with Critical People and Haters
  • Writing and Art must have an impact
  • Taking your passion and making money with
  • Getting people to talk about their failures
  • How to stay foxy

Click here to go to Amy’s website


Click below to get Amy’s book