Ep. #24 – Stacy Michelle – Sexual Empowerment Coach

Stacy Michelle - Sexual Empowerment Coach

Sexual Empowerment – you know that’s foxy!

Warning: This episode contains content regarding sexual practices. It may not be appropriate for younger listeners. So, if you have kiddos nearby, you may want to listen to this one through your earphones.

On this episode of The Get Foxy Show, I had to pleasure to chat with a woman who helps other women regain and experience their own pleasure on a much deeper level, Sexual Empowerment Coach, Stacy Michelle. During our conversation, we learn:

  • Stacy’s journey on becoming a Sexual Empowerment Coach.
  • What is Sexual Wounding.
  • What a Jade Egg is and what it’s good for.
  • The wonderful benefits of self-massaging the breasts.

Stacy’s special offer for you Vulpinistas

Stacy’s free gift to you is a 4-part video series entitled Awaken Your Orgasmic Potential: Four Keys to Sensational Sex. This series also contains four guided meditations to support you in your self-pleasure explorations. You can access that gift here: http://bit.ly/2E0khBr.
If you want to connect with Stacy live join her for on Facebook LIVE for Pleasure Talk Tuesday which is every Tuesday at 1pm PST here: http://bit.ly/2FC2s9e

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Ep. #23 – Vicky Flint – Holistic Dental Hygienist

Vicky Flint Dental Hygiene Haven - Holistic Dental Hygienist

Healthy Teeth and Gums through Holistic Dental Hygiene

In Colorado, Dental Hygienists aren’t required to work with a Dentist. Thus, Vicky Flint, owner of Dental Hygiene Haven, is an Independent Dental Hygienist. For that, she’s a standout in her profession at large. But, she also focuses on treating her patients holistically, making her very unique indeed – a Holistic Dental Hygienist.

In this episode, we talk about how Vicky got into the work, what dental hygiene has to do with being foxy, and how to get away with not flossing.


And thank you to this episode’s Sponsor: Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine

Ep. #22 – Polly Letofsky – First Woman To Walk Around The World

Polly Letofsky

Following your passion is foxy!

On this episode of The Get Foxy Show, I chat with Polly Letofsky of My Word Publishing. She happens to be the first woman to walk around the globe. How cool is that! Polly knows all about how to follow her passion. And she discusses how she did it – from getting her initial inspiration, planning out her mission, and learning lessons along the way. She also talks about the kindness and generous support she received along her way. And, how her walk eventually inspired her to start helping others get their books out into the world.

If you’d like to read about her global journey, you can find Polly’s book here.

Ep. #21 – Teal Fyrberg – Yoga and Taoist Stone Medicine

Teal Fyrberg - WildTeal.com

Yoga For Busy People and Taoist Stone Medicine

On this episode, I talk with Teal Chimblo Fyrberg of WildTeal.com. We chat about how incorporating Yoga, just for 10 minutes a day, can help get you feeling foxy. And Teal enlightens us about Taoist Stone Medicine, what it is, and how it can benefit your daily life.

Teal has generously offered a special discount for you Vulpinistas out there. So, when you listen to the episode, keep an ear out for the special code to receive an abundant discount for her online programs and products. Once you know the code, be sure to check out WildTeal.com and ObsidianButterflyElixirs.com.

And for more excellence with Teal, find her podcast here.

The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #20 – Allana Pratt – Soul Shaking Intimacy


Allana Pratt - Soul Shaking Intimacy

Soul Shaking Intimacy with Coach Allana

Allana Pratt is an intimacy expert. Through her coaching practices, she inspires open-hearted living with delicious sass that awakens the best in a man or a woman. And, she keeps it honest — both with herself and with her clients. Allana speaks with me today about her own life and how she brings foxiness to those with relationship anxiety.

Show Follow-Ups:

  • Learn about Allana and her complimentary Soul-Shaking Intimacy workshop at her website


The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #19 – Terry Fox, L.Ac – How To Reduce Your Holiday Stress

Terry Fox, L.Ac

Holiday Stress stinks! Listen and learn how to reduce it.

Holiday stress, oy! It’s almost time for the holiday shopping season to begin. And that means the potential for a good deal of stress, anxiety, frustration and depression.  In this episode, I discuss ancient Chinese practices you can utilize to help you get past the Black Friday and Cyber Monday wackiness and all the other events in-between.

Please do take time to take care of you. Don’t allow Holiday Stress to steal your joy. The world needs what only you can bring to it. I wish you the best this Holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Also if you’re curious about the Lucky Fox Trauma Liniment that I mentioned in this episode, click here.


The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #18 – Julie Ulstrup – Foxiness through Photography

Julie Ulstrup - Foxiness Through Photograpy

Feel Your Foxiness Through Photography

Professional photographers have no need to work magic upon their subjects because they already have natural beauty. Just ask Julie Ulstrup. Julie makes sure her clients know how foxy they are inside and out. This leads to a confidence which is witnessed on the final image. Julie and I talk about this on today’s episode.

Show Follow-Ups:


The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #17 – Diana Horowitz – Cosmetic Acupuncture

Diana Horowitz - Cosmetic Acupuncture Expert

Cosmetic Acupuncture gets you feeling and looking foxy!

Diana Horowitz is both a colleague and a mentor to yours truly, Terry Fox.  Today, she sits down with me to discuss Cosmetic Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation without toxic chemicals or plastic surgery.

Show Follow-Ups:

The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #16 – Ann Rau – The Art of Feminine Presence


Ann Rau - Art of Feminine Presence teacher

Art of Feminine Presence = Art of Foxiness

Ann Rau is a master of Art of Feminine Presence. She teaches about Feminine Presence in life and in business. Ann discusses this and much more on today’s episode of The Get Foxy Show. Ann also has contact information for listeners and a special offer as well. You need to listen to the whole episode to discover what it is.

The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #15 – Terry Fox L.Ac. – TCM Tips for Staying Healthy in Fall


Terry Fox
Terry Fox, L.Ac – Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Expert, Host of The Get Foxy Show

Staying Healthy in Fall

Fall is about to say hello to us, and that means preparations for a season which turns colder and offers more sugary treats as the holidays near. To help you through the journey over the next few months, I discuss a number of Traditional Chinese medicines, natural foods, and exercises which can keep you limber, maintain your digestive tract, and help keep your immune system healthy.