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Why be a Sponsor of The Get Foxy Show?


Terry Fox is aiming to make The Get Foxy Show the top-ranked podcast in Health and Beauty.  And, he’s building an audience of intelligent, enthusiastic women that know, like, and trust him. Thus, the products and services that Terry recommends have immediate credibility with show listeners, whom he lovingly refers to as “Vulpinistas.”

Vulpinistas are women between the ages of 30-60 who are looking for products and services to help them get healthier, look younger, and feel “foxy,” naturally. They’re followers of all things foxy.


Consists of: a 15-second mention in PreRoll & a 30-second script Mid-Roll. Each slot will read by the show host. (Both Sponsor and The Get Foxy Show must approve the script prior to it being read on the show.) Also, your logo and backlink will also be displayed on’s Sponsor & Patron page for the duration of the Sponsorship Slot. Additionally, you’ll get a featured spot on the show notes for each episode you sponsor.

Sponsorship Slot Package Fee Structure

Monthly (2 episodes)       $54

Quarterly (8 episodes)     $176

Yearly (24 episodes)        $432


Current and Past Sponsors include:

The Turquoise Spur


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