Stern Storming with Darrell Stern

Stern Storming

Stern Storming with Darrell lets the whole world know just how foxy you are!

A dramatist and an actor, Darrell Stern works with you to pull from you what you can teach, what you can demonstrate, and what you know, to create profits and influence in your business. Darrell teaches that you are a gift to the world and the world needs your gifts. And, when you have that philosophy you have more confidence. Ultimately, that makes you more attractive to those around you.

Through his “Stern Storming” process, Darrell will show you how to create and distribute your unique content across multiple media platforms:

  • YouTube: blowing up your channel.
  • SEO: making your content match with what your missing client is searching for.
  • Facebook: Creating video driven pages that receive more views and engagement.
  • Twitter: Making your business newsworthy and connected to the stream of business.
  • Linkedin: enhancing the personal profiles of you and your team making all of you influencers in your industryAND he can create a Local SEO structure for your dramatic inbound landing page funnels that will capture more qualified leads than any other marketing agency in the world can today.

From an auto mechanic who now at 30 year old runs the largest shop in the nation, to an ERP Epicor implementation company who have received an 8 to 1 return on their investment, Darell will work with your people to let the world KNOW how amazing they are!

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How Darrell went from Actor to Entrepreneurial Influencer
  • Media is Drama
  • How Darrell helps you find your gifts and your message
  • You are your brand
  • No one is basic or mediocre
  • Stern Storming
  • The difference between Advertising and Marketing
  • Marketing is the art of starting meaningful conversation
  • Darrell’s definition of foxy

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