The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #16 – Ann Rau – The Art of Feminine Presence


Ann Rau - Art of Feminine Presence teacher

Art of Feminine Presence = Art of Foxiness

Ann Rau is a master of Art of Feminine Presence. She teaches about Feminine Presence in life and in business. Ann discusses this and much more on today’s episode of The Get Foxy Show. Ann also has contact information for listeners and a special offer as well. You need to listen to the whole episode to discover what it is.

The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #10 Joanna Shakti – Ecstatic Intimacy


Joanna Shakti - Ecstatic Intimacy

There’s much happening on this installment of The Get Foxy Show. Terry talks with Ecstatic Intimacy coach Joanna Shakti on regaining power in all relationships as well as her appearance on America’s Got TalentThis is juicy stuff!

More information on Joanna is found at her website and YouTube Channel