Patrician McCarthy – Mien Shiang Face Reading – Ep. #45

(For clarity, this is Episode #45, not Episode #46. I goofed during recording and didn’t catch it until after publishing. Apologies for any confusion.)

Patrician McCarthy - Mien Shiang

Mien Shiang Face Reading tells you much about yourself and others.

Patrician McCarthy, author of The Face Reader: Discover Anyone’s True Personality Through Taoist Chinese Face Reading, is the West’s leading authority on Mien Shiang—Chinese Face Reading and Medical Facial Diagnosis. She is a renowned expert and practitioner of Taoist Psychology, the study of behavior and personality according to the Taoist Five Elements.

She founded The Mien Shiang Institute in Santa Monica, California in 2000 to teach the Taoist Five Element Theory, Taoist Psychology, and Mien Shiang. She was the first to translate the ancient art and science of Mien Shiang for the mainstream public.

Mien Shiang can help you in your personal search for self. By looking in the mirror and studying your face, you can develop a profound understanding of your true nature. Identifying your true nature help first to recognize your inborn gifts and challenges, and then how to balance them to live your life, every single day, to the fullest.  – Patrician McCarthy

Your face tells the story of who you are. It can’t lie.

Patrician has written extensively about the Taoist Five Elements and Mien Shiang. She’s been featured in such diverse publications as Allure, The Huffington Post, Cincinnati Enquirer, Natural Health Magazine, Brigitte, Woman’s World Magazine, and; she has presented at various forums such as 99U Conference, IONS Conferences, Renaissance Weekends, New York Open Center, and The Committee of 200.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • How Patrician learned Mien Shiang
  • The Mind/Body/Spirit connection in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • If you’re out of emotional balance, it’ll affect your physical health
  • What can be learned about someone by observing his/her facial features
  • What area of the face relates to creativity and fertility
  • What is 5 Element Theory and how it relates to the face and personality
  • Elemental Personalities:
    • Wood Element people
    • Fire Element people
    • Earth Element people
    • Metal Element people
    • Water Element people
  • Patrician’s books
  • How 5 Element Theory can be applied in the Corporate setting
  • Patrician’s definition of foxy

She has served on the faculties and boards of universities and colleges of Traditional Chinese  (and Oriental) Medicine, and in conjunction with a prestigious University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, established the first medical certificate program in Mien Shiang. For thirty years, Patrician has taught workshops, seminars, and retreats for individuals and groups, medical students, health practitioners, lawyers, Olympic athletes, and corporations including Google, Nivea, Procter & Gamble, Old Navy, Gap, Mattel, KPMG, Turner Broadcasting, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

You can find more information and even schedule a personal face reading session with Patrician at

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