Your “Hollywood” Beauty Shines Through – Steve Glass – Ep. #48

Steve Glass
Steve Glass.

“Every woman can photograph as beautifully as a Hollywood actress.” – Steve Glass

Steve Glass, owner of Glass Photography, has been a professional photographer for the past 11 years, specializing in contemporary portraits. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, he creates beautiful images of the women in your life – mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers – capturing their unique, personal beauty. He’s a husband, a father, a lover of wild places, and (just like me) a Seeker of Beauty.

I’ve known Steve since 2007. And I can say without a doubt that he’s one of the most caring, kind, and honorable men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He is a consummate professional.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Why Steve serves a primarily female clientele
  • Getting comfortable in front of the camera
  • Helping you set up 7 different looks from your own closet
  • Every woman can photograph as beautifully as a Hollywood actress
  • The significance of makeup, hair styling, and clothing in photography
  • The emotional and sentimental value of a professional portrait
  • Steve’s definition of foxy
  • The importance of wearing clothing that you feel good in

During the interview Steve shared some Before and After photos. These are included below.

The “Before” and “Afters”

Before shots of the Beauty Portraits of Marcie Glass.
Beauty Portraits of Marcie Glass
Beauty Portraits of Marcie Glass
Cheri Skaggs, before hair and makeup.
Cheri Skaggs, beauty shoot, portrait studio.
Cheri Skaggs, beauty shoot, portrait studio.

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The Get Foxy Show – Ep. #18 – Julie Ulstrup – Foxiness through Photography

Julie Ulstrup - Foxiness Through Photograpy

Feel Your Foxiness Through Photography

Professional photographers have no need to work magic upon their subjects because they already have natural beauty. Just ask Julie Ulstrup. Julie makes sure her clients know how foxy they are inside and out. This leads to a confidence which is witnessed on the final image. Julie and I talk about this on today’s episode.

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