Ep. #25 – Amber Currie – Homeopathy for Health

Amber Currie - Rocky Mountain Homeopathy

Homeopathy for Health

On this episode of The Get Foxy Show, Classical Homeopath, Amber Currie, owner of Rocky Mountain Homeopathy, talks about how to use Homeopathy for health. She explains what Homeopathy is and what it isn’t. She also tells how to use homeopathic remedies to get you better when you’re feeling sick, but also to prevent the illness in the first place. As you listen you’ll learn a couple remedies to keep handy at home for first aid and flu prevention. Amber also elucidates on BioSet and how it works in tandem with Homeopathy. And, of course, she gives her definition of what “foxy” is.

Find Amber here: www.rocky-mountain-homeopathy.com


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