The Bella Santini Chronicles – Angela Legh

Bella Santini Chronicles - Angela Legh

Utilizing Fantasy Fiction to help kids better process their emotions, that’s The Bella Santini Chronicles.

Angela Legh‘s gift is in knowing how to speak with children and their parents from her heart; telling them of the magic they have inside. Her books open the hearts of readers and expand their awareness of their own inner worlds.

She tirelessly speaks of the importance of processing emotions, teaching young children how to do that in her books, The Bella Santini Chronicles fairytales.

Angela grew up with an alcoholic father and an angelic mother. Her family home burned down when she was six. Because her parents couldn’t find a place to live, she was sent to foster care for a few months. Because she was ripped out of her family, she believed she didn’t deserve love. After high school she married an older man; things were good for a while. But over time he began to control her; his criticism couched in “helpful” terms, but the message remained, she didn’t deserve love. She stayed in this emotionally abusive marriage for over 32 years, because she admittedly did not value herself above others. 

She was pushed outside of her comfort zone, again by a fire. The Tubbs fire of 2017 destroyed her community and her family home.  When she was stripped of everything except the relationship, she had to face the fact that she was not being served in the relationship. She left the marriage and began a path of self-healing. She started writing her story, with the intent of helping others to achieve self-acceptance, forgiveness, and healing. This awakened her creativity and has resulted in her current project – a series of children’s books: The Bella Santini Chronicles

Her book series, The Bella Santini Chronicles, a fairytale aimed at ages 8-11, teaches children the importance of processing their emotions and gives them the tools to process their feelings. The book series delves into complex topics, such as child abandonment, bullying, sibling rivalry, and good vs. evil. Readers build emotional muscle and set a path of wellbeing that allows them to navigate the difficult teen years without seeing suicide as a solution to their problems.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death in teens
  • Processing emotions and rising out of victim mentality
  • Angela’s personal journey 
  • The importance of boundary setting
  • The beauty and inspiration of England
  • The answer is love. But, sometimes you have to love from afar
  • The challenges of Bella Santini
  • The issue with Boys can’t cry/Girls can’t get mad
  • Planting seeds of emotional sufficiency
  • Having a loving relationship with yourself first
  • A free copy is available for those who can’t afford it.
  • Angela’s definition of foxy
  • One big piece of advice to help one process their emotions 

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  1. I ordered Ms. Legh’s book and some Enlightea, since books and tea are two of my favorite things. I’m excited to try both, thank you for sharing! 

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