The Joyful Approach – Joy Dushey

Joy Dushey - The Joyful Approach

The Joyful Approach gets you feeling foxy!

Joy Dushey, creator of The Joyful Approach, is a New York based transformative coach, holistic guide, mentor and Breathwork facilitator. She specializes in inspiring people of all ages to start living optimal vital lives by nurturing the balance of mind body and spirit and empowers them to living more authentically so they can return to their true essence. Her greatest passion is in building conscious community and co-creating with likeminded innovators. (And that’s why she’s on with us today!)

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • What is the Joyful Approach
  • Key tenets of Joy’s program
  • Self-awareness is where you begin
  • Finding balance between being busy and being still
  • What is a sound bath
  • Alchemical Breathwork
  • Outstanding transformations
  • Joy’s definition of foxy
  • Foxy women need foxy women to boost each other up
  • Joy’s once piece of advice on how to stay foxy

Click to check out Joy’s podcast, The Methodology.

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