The SoulPäz Life – Sylvia D.

SoulPaz Sylvia D

Soul + Päz (a Latin word for Peace) = SoulPäz

Ms. Sylvia D. is a proud health-nut and D-I-Y-er. She’s on a mission to educate and elevate-our everyday self-care rituals with good-for-you ingredients and luxe vibes through her brand SoulPäz. SoulPäz Bath & Body was born out of the need for luxurious products with non-toxic ingredients.

When a layoff in her social services career loomed,Sylvia took a leap of faith and went ”all in” on herself with her “little bath and body shoppe” and never looked back! 

Founded in Chicago -2016 with just a basic jar of sugar scrub now Sylvia D. has expanded her line to include a full array of offerings that include self care faves and pain management necessities. 

In addition she has lent her skills of Content Management and Consulting to others – sharing what she has learned in her entrepreneurial journey to help other soloprenuers spark their creativity and stay motivated! 

Sylvia’s Motto: “Happy Girls Make the Best Stuff.” And her mission is to remind you to take care of you so that you pursue your dreams to the fullest.

Ideas covered in this episode:

  • What is SoulPäz ?
  • How SoulPäz came about
  • Taking a leap of fatih
  • It starts with skin-care and ends with self-care
  • Finding the courage
  • Worthiness and Self-esteem in Self-care
  • Take steps toward your dreams and desires
  • Sylvia’s skincare journey
  • Happy girls make the best stuff
  • Start your day with optimism
  • SoulPäz Youtube channel
  • Sylvia’s definition of foxy
  • Syliva’s way to reclaim foxiness
  • Who’s foxy in Sylvia’s world
  • One piece of advice how to stay foxy

Learn more about SoulPäz

IG: @soulpazlife

FB: @soulpazlife

TikTok: @soulpazlife

YouTube: The SoulPaz Life

Sylvia’s created a special coupon code for you at Use this code at checkout: GETFOXY You’ll get 25% off all things BATH.Body.Soul!

Sylvia’s Free Holiday Planning Consultation and Offerings:

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